PvP Feral Druid Stat Priority

wotlk pvp feral druid stat priority

In this section we will be covering the stat priority list for a Feral Druid as it applies to PvP combat in Wrath of the Lich King!

  1. Resilience
  2. Hit Rating
  3. Armor Penetration
  4. Critical Strike Chance
  5. Attack Power
  6. Agility
  7. Haste
  8. Spell Penetration

When it comes to Player-versus-Player content, we have one main stat that we have to be concerned about, and that is Resilience. It offers reduced damage from critical strikes, while reducing the effects of mana-draining abilities. It also reduces the overall damage that you receive from other players and their pets.

However, for the purposes of the min-maxing aspect of the game as well as your strategy (bursting down an enemy target), you will only want to gather about 850 resilience in favor of other stats. When it comes to Hit Rating, you will require a bit more as a Feral Druid – 5% will be your goal.

Armor Penetration is the stat that all physical-damage-dealing classes absolutely love. For this guide, we have mixed PvP items with PvE items in order to achieve the maximum Armor Penetration rating. The cap is 1250, and you should aim to achieve it as soon as possible.

Critical Strike Chance is an extremely important stat for the Feral specialization. The Primal Fury talent guarantees us an additional combo point on our abilities each time we deal a critical strike. Considering this talent, it makes stacking Critical Strike Chance a must!

Attack Power is a stat inherent to melee classes: the more attack power you have, the more damage your abilities will do. There is no cap to this stat.

Agility is a stat that you can find on every single one of your gear pieces, and it increases your attack power, critical strike chance, armor, and dodge chance. Just as with the Attack Power, you will want to stack it as much as possible.

Just like Rogues or Retribution Paladins, Feral Druids benefit from Haste. However, stacking haste with no other stats will make you weak. You should take into consideration the haste rating and what it brings, but you shouldn’t try to gem for it or to acquire too many gear pieces that offer haste over other stats.

Spell Penetration is often overlooked, since your physical damage abilities are not impacted by it. However, your spells absolutely are. For example, it would be really unfortunate if your Cyclone got resisted at the exact moment that you require it, don’t you agree? The cap for Spell Penetration is 130 but you should aim for 75.


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