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wind elementals for pvp elemental shaman guide

The shaman class has several interesting choices when thinking about PvP content in Wrath of the Lich King. Still, the most obvious choices when playing Elemental Shaman are Draenei for the Alliance and Orc for the Horde. Alliance players don’t have another option, so it’s an easy decision!

Wow Horde Crest Horde

All of the Horde race options for Elemental Shaman can work in PvP, and your choice largely comes down to personal preference, playstyle, and aesthetics. Orcs are harder to stun and offer good burst, Tauren are tougher and have an excellent CC ability (albeit on a long cooldown), and Trolls have CC resistance and the always-strong Berserking.

Often considered the best race for the Shaman class that the Horde offers, it brings several interesting racials for PvP content.

The first racial that brings a powerful effect is Hardiness, which provides a reduction to the “stun” effect by 15%. The other beneficial racial is Blood Fury, which is a spell power increase that should help you burst down your targets.

Another one of the available races for the Shaman class in the Horde is the Taurenthey provide several powerful racials for PvP scenarios.

Endurance increases their base health by 5%, which is powerful in PvP simply because more HP means better surviveability. The second strong racial Taurents have is War Stomp, a stun that lasts 2 seconds. This provides increased survivability in clutch situations, and can also be used as a way to chain crowd-control to set up a kill.

Another useful racial is the Nature Resistance racial, which reduces the chance to be hit by nature spells by 2%, a similar passive to the Blood Elf racial. Lastly, Cultivation increases your base Herbalism skill by 15, which is nice if you’re planning on being an herb gatherer.

The last available race for the Shaman class from the Horde, the troll race provides several interesting racials which can bring you an edge during a PvP encounter.

The most noteworthy racial Trolls have is Regeneration, which increases your base health regeneration factor by 10% and also allows 10% of your health regeneration to continue during combat.

Other PvP-relevant racials include Da Voodoo Shuffle, which offers a 15% reduction to movement impairing effects which can help you kite better, and Berserking, which provides you with an increase of 20% of your attack and casting speed.

Their final noteworthy racial is Beast Slaying, which increases your damage against beasts by 5% and can make killing some mobs significantly easier.

Wow Alliance Crest Alliance

Until the release of The Burning Crusade expansion, there were no Alliance races that could be Shaman, so the introduction of the Draenei (affectionally known as space goats) meant a whole new class for Alliance players. Unfortunately, in WotLK, they remained the only choice for Alliance Shaman.

The only Alliance race that can play as a Shaman , the Draenei come with some powerful racials.

Most noteworthy is Gift of the Naaru, an “HoT” ability, healing the target over time for a fixed amount which is increased by your spell power. The second notable racial is Heroic Presence which increases the hit rating of all party members in a 30-yard radius by 1%, a very strong racial when min-maxing is considered.

Other racials that the Draenei race have are the Gemcutting racial which increases your base Jewelcrafting skill by 5, working similarly to the Tauren racial, and the Shadow Resistance racial, which decreases the chance you will be hit with shadow spells by 2%.


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