Racial Mounts

tauren mount vendor

Welcome to the Racial Mounts section of our Mount Collection Guide! Below you will find each race’s default mounts, and where to find them!

As a quick note, though, if you are not a particular race, you must reach Exalted prior to being able to purchase that race’s mounts. For example, if you were a Night Elf and wanted to purchase a Mechanostrider, you would first have to reach Exalted status with Gnomeragon.


Human – Stormwind City

human mount vendor

On the eastern side of Elwynn Forest, players will find Katie Hunter in the Eastvale Logging Camp.

Regular Ground Mounts: Brown Horse, Chestnut Mare and Pinto

Epic Ground Mounts: Swift White Steed, Swift Brown Steed and Swift Palomino

Dwarves – Ironforge

dwarf mount vendor

Toward eastern side of Dun Morogh, players can find Veron Amberstill at the Amberstill Ranch.

Regular Ground Mounts: Brown Ram, Gray Ram and White Ram

Epic Ground Mounts: Swift Brown Ram, Swift Gray Ram and Swift White Ram

Night Elves – Darnassus

night elf mount vendor

Within Kalimdor sits Darnassus, the home city of the Night Elves. It’s here that players can purchase their racial mounts from Lelanai.

Regular Ground Mounts: Spotted Frostsaber, Striped Dawnsaber, Striped Frostsaber, and Striped Nightsaber

Epic Ground Mounts: Swift Frostsaber, Swift Mistsaber and Swift Stormsaber

Gnomes – Gnomeragon

gnome mount vendor

Just outside of Kharanos, Dun Morogh, players will find Milli Featherwhistle. Milli will be able to sell you Mechanostriders.

Regular Ground Mounts: Blue Mechanostrider, Green Mechanostrider, Red Mechanostrider, and Unpainted Mechanostrider

Epic Mounts: Swift Green Mechanostrider, Swift White Mechanostrider and Swift Yellow Mechanostrider

Draenei – Exodar

draenei mount vendor

Within The Exodar, players will find Torallius the Pack Handler selling various Elekk mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Brown Elekk, Gray Elekk and Purple Elekk

Epic Ground Mounts: Great Blue Elekk, Great Green Elekk, and Great Purple Elekk

Flying Mounts – Honor Hold

alliance flying mount vendor

Level 60 players can visit Grunda Bronzewing in Honor Hold to purchase their Normal Flying Mounts.

Level 70 player can visit her to purchase their Epic Flying Mounts.

Normal Mounts: Ebon Gryphon, Golden Gryphon, Snowy Gryphon

Epic Mounts: Swift Blue Gryphon, Swift Red Gryphon, Swift Green Gryphon, Swift Purple Gryphon


Orcs – Orgrimmar

orc mount vendor

In north-eastern Orgrimmar, players will find Ogunaro Wolfrunner selling various mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Black Wolf, Brown Wolf, Dire Wolf, Timber Wolf

Epic Ground Mounts: Horn of the Swift Brown Wolf, Horn of the Swift Gray Wolf, Swift Timber Wolf

Undead – Undercity

undead mount vendor

Within Brill, Tirisfal Glades, players can find Zachariah Post selling various undead mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Black Skeletal Horse, Blue Skeletal Horse, Brown Skeletal Horse, and Red Skeletal Horse

Epic Ground Mounts: Green Skeletal Warhorse, Ochre Skeletal Warhorse, and Purple Skeletal Warhorse

Tauren – Thunder Bluff

tauren mount vendor

In Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore, players will find Harb Clawhoof selling various kodo mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Brown Kodo, Gray Kodo, and White Kodo

Epic Ground Mounts: Great Brown Kodo, Great Gray Kodo, and Great White Kodo

Troll – Darkspear Trolls

troll mount vendor

In Zen’Jin Village, Durotar, players will find Zjolnir, who is selling various raptor mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Emerald Raptor, Turquoise Raptor and Violet Raptor

Epic Ground Mounts: Swift Blue Raptor, Swift Olive Raptor and Swift Orange Raptor

Blood Elves – Silvermoon City

blood elf mount vendor

Just outside SIlvermoon City, players will find Winaestra selling various Hawkstrider mounts.

Regular Ground Mounts: Black Hawkstrider, Blue Hawkstrider, Purple Hawkstrider and Red Hawkstrider

Epic Ground Mounts: Swift Green Hawkstrider, Swift Pink Hawkstrider and Swift Purple Hawkstrider

Flying Mounts – Thrallmar

horde flying mount vendor

Level 60 players can visit Bana Wildmane in Thrallmar to purchase their Normal Flying Mounts.

Level 70 player can visit her to purchase their Epic Flying Mounts.

Normal Mounts: Green Wind Rider, Blue Wind Rider, Tawny Wind Rider

Epic Mounts: Swift Red Wind Rider, Swift Green Wind Rider, Swift Yellow Wind Rider, Swift Purple Wind Rider


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10 months ago

You missed the black stallion which is sold at Menethil harbor

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