PVE Restoration Shaman Healer Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Welcome to the Restoration Shaman Healer guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Restoration Shaman in a raid. The guide includes Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Add-ons, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Talent Tree

This is a standard talent tree. If you are sure that you will have a Holy Priest or another Restoration Shaman with Ancestral Healing, then use those talent points for Elemental Weapons and Cleanse Spirit

Restoration Shaman Talent Tree Wow 3.3.5a


Major Glyphs

Depending on your current gear, these might be viable

People with low gear may consider taking these

Minor Glyphs


Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.



Use Water Shield on yourself before the fight, this will be your main mana regeneration source. Apply Earthliving Weapon on your weapon and choose 4 needed totems depending on the classes you have in your party. Also, apply Earth Shield on your Tank.

The fight started. Use Chain Heal, and Healing Wave on those who got very low on their hp. Don’t forget to use Nature’s Swiftness and Tidal Force if the raid has taken a lot of damage. Properly replace your totems if needed. Update shields on you and the tank.

If low on mana – then use Mana Tide. Or you can ask for Hymn of Hope from a Priest or Innervate from a Druid.

Stat Priority

Spell Power -> Haste -> Critical Strike Rating -> Intellect & Mp/5

Spell Power is the primary stat as it increases the effectiveness of your spells. Haste is also essential, as it increases the amount of heals cast in a certain period. The soft cap for Haste is 38.7% (or 1269 Haste rating, while buffed), which will lower the cast time of Lesser Healing Wave to down 1 second.

Critical Strike Rating is a secondary stat that can boost your efficiency significantly. Heal crits improve your mana regeneration via Improved Water Shield and also provide additional instant healing via Ancestral Awakening talent and a HoT with the 4t10 set bonus – Frost Witch’s Garb. There is no soft cap for critical strike rating. Start with reaching 30% once you can get your hands on some decent gear, and continue up to roughly 50% in higher tier content via gear upgrades.

Intellect is gained passively through gear upgrades. It increases the mana pool and converts partially into crit rating. Mp/5 stat is a relatively low-value stat since its efficiency lowers in higher tier content, and critical strike rating can effectively outdo it in terms of mana regeneration.


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Olivver Steinbeck
Olivver Steinbeck
2 years ago

This is entirely correct EXCEPT please take Cleanse Spirit instead of Elemental Weapons.

Last edited by Olivver Steinbeck
Reply to  Olivver Steinbeck
1 year ago

DON’T cuz u have cleansing totem.

Last edited by GGustas
Reply to  GGustas
1 year ago

Cleansing totem only works on party members. Does NOT reach other parties of your raid. For this, you need the spell instead of the totem.

Last edited by Soygirl
Reply to  Soygirl
1 year ago

also clensing totem does’t remove curse…

Last edited by StFUReaper
1 year ago

copy this spec entirely, except, replace the 1 point thats in Elemental Weapon ( Enhancement Tree) with cleanse spirit.

Last edited by Unholyspirit
1 year ago

Nice rotation, however I have a small concern:
For a raid oriented build, should I replace Healing Focus (reduced pushback effect) with Elemental Weapons?
It rarely occurs to me that I get pushbacked when healing a raid and there’s almost always a concentration aura available.

Last edited by shook
7 months ago
  • you gonna need cleanse cus totem wont help u on any range or curse things so u have to take it and healing focus help u alot in pvp. in raids a few moments happen u taking dmg overly so pushbacsk hurts but if you take cleans and all of elemental weapons tt and forget pushback u can heal good Glyph of Earthliving Weapon and all 3 of elemental weapons talent
2 days ago

so is downranking no longer needed in wrath? Was something i didn’t really enjoy in tbc

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