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  • Author: Jamielolx
  • Date: August 6, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Equipment will be the main source of your character’s power, contributing the biggest bulk of your stats. It is therefore very important that you choose the correct equipment for each slot — commonly referred to as “best in slot” equipment – in order to maximize your power.

This guide will help you choose the best equipment possible for each phase, but also the best equipment you can find outside of raids, known as “pre-raid” gear or “pre-BiS”.

As an assassination rogue, you should be Engineering regardless, so these are essentially free for you!
If you chose not to pick Engineering, there are of course alternatives:


Note: There is a big difference between the epic necks and the blue ones, so try going for those.

Alternative: Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands (Halls of Lightning HC)

However, I cannot stress enough how important the Tier 6 2 set is for Assassination rogue.

Alternative: Slayer’s Leg guards Tier 6 item from Black Temple to match with the bracers — in case you cannot obtain the boots. It should be noted that the boots + bracer combo is superior.

While these boots are not useful as a standalone item, they are BiS together with Slayer’s Bracers.

Alternative: Boots of Nevermelting Path requires Argent Crusade Exalted, which is very easy to achieve — see here for details.

There are currently debates going on if a slower main-hand weapon may prove to be more DPS, while some are skeptical if this holds true, especially for higher item-level weapons. So I will just put this one here with that warning in notice! The difference between Flesh x2 Paper cutters won’t be large however, as I have tested on the beta it swings both sides

There are no solid alternatives, paper cutterss are extremely easy to get and a far better option than the rest!

Alternative: Drake Mounted Xbow


Alternative: Aged Winter Cloak (significant downgrade)

This is by far the most powerful item available in this slot.

Thrusting Bands exists as an alternative, but it is significantly weaker.

Alternative: Belt of the Tortured

Alternatives (note that these alternatives are vastly inferior to the two BiS trinkets):

Webbed Death x2 is considered the strongest option for the weapon slot conventionally, but there are tests on the beta that have shown Sinister’s Revenge x2 to be slightly stronger, though by less than 10 DPS.

We will be recommending Webbed Death for the time being / until more testing is done, but bear in mind that Sinister’s Revenge is an excellent option regardless.



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I'm Jamie I have played WotLK since launch in 2008, until its demise when the lich died, after Cata and MoP I was done with retail and rekindled that spark in 2015 til 2022. Which means I've spent give or take ~10 years on this expansion alone. I've always played hardcore - going for either realm firsts or higher. I stream on https://www.twitch.tv/jamielolx2 sometimes for 100 hours in a row during Wrath once it releases. Currently playing in Avatar on Earthshaker EU, Knokploeg on Gehennas EU and Instinct on Faerlina-US preparing for another dose of fresh wrath. I've played 28 specs - missing feral and enhancement but have a slight forte towards healers and ranged DPS.
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1 month ago

Thanks for the guide! I noticed a couple things:

The pre-BiS list recommends the mail engineering goggles instead of (I assume) the leather ones. Also, it may be strictly true that 2pc T6 is best, but I imagine most people will not actually pursue those on a fresh character. Finally, it may be worth noting in the guide that Bonescythe pieces can be sourced from Heroism badges. I had to think about that a little bit before commenting.

Thanks again!

Reply to  Rlyehwgah
1 month ago

what is the BIS pre raid headpiece then?

1 month ago


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