PvP Balance Druid Talents & Builds

wotlk pvp balance druid talents builds

When it comes to the talents, we have three distinct builds. Each of them has strong and weak points, each one fulfilling a separate role. The Druid class shows their true hybrid potential here with a variety of build optimizations it can have.

First Build (Standard Build)

The first build will be what we usually call a “Standard Build”. (You will notice that all of the builds have some points spent on Restoration, but the individual variations will significantly impact your gameplay.)

The first build has points invested into Omen of Clarity and Master Shapeshifter, to empower your forms. Three points will then be spent on Natural Shapeshifter to promote mana management. However, this build lacks points in Intensity, leaving you without the ability to regenerate mana while in combat.

Instead, this build has the benefit of increased damage in Moonkin form – that comes from Improved Moonkin Form and Owlkin Frenzy. You will also get increased range for Cyclone. Overall, the build does good by both defensive and offensive talents.

Second Build (Improved Utility)

The second build offers less in total damage, but allows more utility with the use of Improved Faerie Fire, specifically in battlegrounds and open-world PvP. It retains some damage from the Improved Moonkin Form, but it also offers a higher intellect pool because of Furor.

Third Build (Mana Regen)

The third build is a bit of an odd one at first glance. It has a very specific playstyle in mind – it’s optimized for longer fights, allowing superior mana regeneration while in combat, from points invested into Intensity and Dreamstate. This comes at the cost of damage output.

Because of this unique ability this variant certainly offers an edge over other casters the longer you fight. However, this build should not be taken into the arena since its damage output is noticeably lower, sacrificing points in both the Improved Moonkin Form and Owlkin Frenzy.

To put it simply: with this build you can focus on spamming your abilities, outlasting other casters without the need of Innervate or mana drinks, but you will have to deal with your damage output being significantly lower.


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