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In this guide, we will discuss three builds, one serving as the core and the other two being variants of the first. The standard build will work wonders for you, whether you will face your foes in arenas, battlegrounds, or in the open world. Then, we will discuss another build that emphasizes using a Mace and is highly useful for all the arena seasons prior to Season 8. Then, we will touch on the final build that sacrifices regeneration in favor of more crowd control from Improved Hamstring.

Standard Build

Let’s look at the offensive talents first – here, we will benefit from a variety of tools, such as the Piercing Howl – a spell that acts as a spammable daze effect. Then, there is also Taste for Blood, a talent which guarantees that after each proc of Rend we will be given a free charge of Overpower, with the effect having 6 seconds of inner cooldown.

Then, there is Mortal Strike, an ability that reduces all the incoming healing effects by 50% for 10 seconds, while also dealing physical damage.

Bladestorm is our coup de grâce talent, an ability that devastates foes within the Warrior’s range and demonstrates his prowess in weapon training. 

The build offers several strong points, both in defensive and offensive capabilities. Several powerful talents, such as the Iron Will, Second Wind, and Blood Craze, allow us to regenerate a large portion of our health while in combat, while also reducing the duration of crowd control

Spending points on Improved Hamstring should be avoided due to its low proc chance. This build also avoids Anger Management, since gaining 1 rage every 3 seconds will simply not bring enough value.

Here we will prioritize the Poleaxe Specialization – it brings the best benefits out of the three available weapon specialization talents. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, the best weapon available in this expansion is the axe and, secondly, the other two weapon specializations simply do not provide stronger effects.

While you might think that the Mace Specialization would bring you more armor penetration overall, it will only do so at the beginning and the middle of the meta. Besides, by the time you reach the endpoint of season 8, you will already have enough armor penetration from your gear. The Sword Specialization’s effect would give you a great advantage, but it comes with a huge downfall – the effect has an inner cooldown of 6 seconds, rendering the talent quite useless.


Mace Specialization Build

This variation on the Standard Build emphasizes the Mace Specialization, allowing you to effectively ignore up to 15% of your opponent’s armor whenever you are using a Mace. This build is particularly strong prior to Season 8, due to the lack of armor penetration offered by your gear.

Apart from the Mace Specialization talent replacing the Poleaxe Specialization, the talent point allocation here works exactly the same as in the Standard Build.


Improved Hamstring Build

The last build also works almost exactly as the first Standard Build. However, this build doesn’t have Blood Craze, leaving you with fewer sustainability options in favor of having Improved Hamstring.

Improved Hamstring offers you an additional crowd control option, greatly empowering Hamstring, especially when the spell is combined with the Glyph of Hamstring.



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