PvP Discipline Priest Gems, Enchants & Consumables

wotlk pvp discipline priest gems, enchants and consumables

Gems, Enchants, and Consumables are another way to empower your character: when used correctly, they can earn a player a very important advantage over their opponents. Don’t fret, this guide is here to make sure that player is you!

Remember to open up the individual tabs to see additional information about each item, especially when you see “Read More” in the title.


Since we will be spamming our abilities a lot, this is the strongest Meta gem that you can acquire! However, you can also choose Tireless Starflare Diamond to help you LoS (“Line-of-Sight”) your enemies, or Trenchant Earthsiege Diamond if you find yourself struggling against stun effects.

As a Discipline Priest, you will want to use as many of Durable Monarch Topaz and Durable Ametrine as you can! However, you should only use them in your Red sockets.

You will want to use Mystic Autumn’s Glow in the early phases of the game to maximize your Resilience as much as possible, with Mystic King’s Amber being used in the later phases.

As a Discipline Priest you will need to, at the least, reach the soft cap for Spell Penetration. You can achieve this by using gems such as Stormy Sky Sapphire or Stormy Majestic Zircon. However, once you reach a higher arena rating, you will generally want to have 130 Spell Penetration.

You can also choose to use Tense Forest Emerald / Tense Eye of Zul if you pursue the Hit Rating build.


This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

This is the best enchantment for this slot.

Alternatively, if you do not have enough gold to purchase the materials needed for it, you can opt-in for Enchant Chest – Super Stats.

There are no better options for your bracer’s enchantment.

Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket is the best possible option for Discipline Priests. It requires Engineering (400).

Alternative: Hyperspeed Accelerators (Requires Engineering (400)).

The only viable choice for your waist.

Alternative: Frag Belt (Requires Engineering (400)).

This is the best enchantment for your legs.

Nitro Boosts can be considered one of the strongest escape or chase tools in the game. It requires Engineering (400). Alternatively, you can opt-in for Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality.

If you chose Enchanting as one of your professions, you can benefit from its unique trait, allowing you to enchant your rings.

This is the best option for this slot.

Alternative: Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower (Only for Staves).


The best flask you can acquire for a Discipline Priest is the Flask of the Frost Wyrm. You can’t use flasks in arenas, but you can still use them in Battlegrounds and Duels!

Fish Feast will be your standard food choice for battlegrounds, offering the best possible stats. However, if you do not find yourself in a battleground, or the group itself does not have any Fish Feast available, you can use Firecracker Salmon for increased spellpower and stamina!

You have two options here for PvP: you can either pick Potion of Speed for increased damage from your auto-attacks, or you can use Potion of Wild Magic to enhance your abilities!

Unfortunately, scrolls do not stack with class buffs. However, you can benefit from them in the absence of class buffs!


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1 year ago

theres a mistake saying icescale leg armor (75 atk power and 22 crit rating) is for a disc priest

1 year ago

Under gloves enchant you haave engi ones, and then as alternative you have also engi. I do understend that they’re superior but i m ean… XD

Reply to  Meow
1 year ago

Yes there are other glove enchants for non engis so those should be listed imo

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