Dragonblight Daily Quests

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There are only two daily quests in Dragonblight, and both are available to Alliance and Horde players. The dailies here are fairly easy, and allow you to gain a decent chunk of rep with either The Kalu’ak or The Wyrmcrest Accord.

Walkthroughs – Dragonblight Daily Quests

[72] Planning For the Future

Available to Horde & Alliance

  • Quest Giver – Trapper Mau’i (48.3, 74.3), found just outside the main building in Moa’Ki Harbor
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Objective – Collect 12 Snowfall Glade Pups
  • Rewards

Do this quest at the same time as Let Nothing Go to Waste (assuming you haven’t already completed it).

If you catch the turtle boat from Howling Fjord, you come in at Moa’ki Harbor, which is where you can pick up this daily. The quest giver is found just outside of the largest building in the village, on the rise above the docks. Once you’ve accepted the quest, make your way northwest up the hill to the two indicated locations and look for Snowfall Glade Pups.

This quest is made simple thanks to the fact the pups are lootable in combat — you just need to right-click them to collect them. The pups are guarded by Denmothers and other mobs, but if there are other players trying to snatch them, you’ll want to just run in and collect them without clearing the mobs first. Who knew being a kidnapper could be such a competitive occupation?

[74] Defending Wyrmrest Temple

Available to Horde & Alliance

After accepting the quest, you’ll need to hop on one of the many nearby Wyrmrest Defenders, and then head southwest towards the Azure Dragonshire — it’s hard to miss, since it’s a pillar of light reaching up into the sky. Circling the Dragonshire are plenty of the Azure Dragons and Drakes you need to kill for this quest.

As long as you only pull one or two quest mobs at a time, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your Wyrmrest Defender alive, The ‘3’ key gives you a heal-over-time that lasts 15 seconds and is on a 20-second cooldown, so you can use it as soon as you take any damage. The rotation you’ll want to use on the mobs is to open with ‘2’ and then spam ‘1’ until they’re dead — if you accidentally pull too many enemies, use the speed boost on ‘4’ to get away. If your drake does die, you’ll fall safely to the ground, and you can go get another one from the temple (just don’t tell anyone you’re burning through dragons for no good reason).

To “Destabilize the Azure Dragonshire”, all you have to do is fly down to the base of the pillar of light and use the ‘5’ key — you’ll know it’s working if the dragon you’re riding shoots a beam of light from its mouth. You’ll need to do this multiple times; don’t stop using this ability until you get a message that the Dragonshrie is destabilized. Once that’s done, and you’ve killed the quest mobs you have to, you can go turn this in!

Note that there is an achievement — Rapid Defense — you can earn if you are able to finish this in under 2 minutes without being in a group.

We hope this guide on the Dragonblight Daily Quests was helpful! If you have suggestions for improvements or strategies you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.


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