Lunar Festival Event Guide

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The Lunar Festival has a lot of visual spectacle but is fairly limited in content when compared to other World Events. All of the Achievements can be done in one lap of Azeroth, containing no low drop chances or epic rewards. On the other hand, the Lunar Festival is a beautiful sight to see, with plenty of different fireworks to put on a show with.

The Lunar Festival is available from the 21st of January until the 4th of February.

The meta-achievement, To-Honor-One’s-Elders, is required for What-A-Long-Strange-Trip-It’s-Been, and is only available to complete during the Lunar Festival. This achievement will have you visiting Elders spread all over Azeroth, lighting fireworks in rapid succession, and eventually killing the event boss, omen.

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To kick off the event, players should find and speak to a lunar-festival-emissary in any capital city. These festively dressed quest-givers will send you to visit the lunar-festival-harbingers in the various staging grounds found in each capital city. Follow this up by completing lunar-fireworks, firing off a handful of event-exclusive fireworks, before being given a lunar-festival-invitation and a follow-up to visit valadar-starsong in Moonglade.

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It is worth noting that even though the lunar-fireworks quest asks you to launch “8 Lunar Fireworks and 2 Cluster Fireworks”, this refers to any of the fireworks and cluster fireworks sold by the lunar-festival-vendor, not a specific one named “Lunar Firework”.


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The Meta achievement for the Lunar Festival is a part of What-A-Long-Strange-Trip-It’s-Been, but it may very well be the simplest of all the meta achievements. Simply doing a lap around Azeroth to visit all the Elders, then going to Moonglade, buying a dress, and killing Omen will fetch you this quick and easy. No RNG involved, no chasing turkeys, and no Honorable Kills. Completing this achievement rewards the title “Elder“.


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There are 5 Achievements related to collecting coin-of-ancestry. Getting a coin is simple, visit one of the Elders scattered around Azeroth and they will give you one each! You can gather a total of 75 coin-of-ancestry per year, but you only need 50 total for all the related achievements.

The achievement intervals are a-coin-of-ancestry, 5-coins-of-ancestry, 10-coins-of-ancestry, 25-coins-of-ancestry, and 50-coins-of-ancestry.


lunar festival guide festive dress

Purchase festival-appropriate attire, either a Festive Pant Suit or a Festive Dress. These are sold by Valadar Starsong in Moonglade for 5 coin-of-ancestry each.


Shoot 10 red-rocket-clusters in less than 25 seconds. Easiest 10 Achievement points of your life. red-rocket-clusters are sold by the Lunar Festival Vendors located in all major cities, as well as Moonglade. These rockets will cost you a few silver each and must be used near a Cluster Launcher, typically found right next to the vendor.

lunar festival guide cluster launcher

red-rocket-clusters have a very brief cooldown, giving you plenty of time to fire off way more than 10 in the 25 seconds you have. If you want you can place them on your action bars, but they’re just as quick to use from your bags.


Fire off 10 festival-firecrackers in less than 30 seconds. The second easiest 10 Achievement points of your life. festival-firecrackers are sold by the Lunar Festival Vendors located in all major cities, as well as Moonglade. These firecrackers will cost you a few silver each and do not require you to be near a Cluster Launcher.

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festival-firecrackers have a very brief cooldown but are ground-targeted. Even though the timer is far from strict, I recommend placing them on a hotkey so you can simply press that hotkey followed by a mouse click to throw them on the ground with minimum effort.


Complete the elunes-blessing quest, given to you by Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. This requires you to defeat Omen and receive elunes-blessing. The quest states “Summon Omen”, but you do not have to be the person summoning Omen, you simply need to participate in the kill.

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Omen is a world boss, having a massive health pool but fairly simple mechanics. He will cast cleave and starfall. cleave hits targets in front for a decent chunk, but nothing a tank can’t handle. starfall targets a random player, raining stars on an area around them. This doesn’t do massive damage, but I do recommend moving out of the damage area, just to be sure.

Players can also use elunes-candle, sold by Valadar Starsong, to deal a small amount of damage to Omen, off the global cooldown. This is some easy bonus damage, but it will generally not be necessary unless you’re using a very small team to kill Omen.

The Elders of Azeroth

There are a total of 6 Achievements directly related to visiting the various Elders scattered around Azeroth. Completing all of them will have you visiting a total of 75 locations split between elders-of-eastern-kingdoms, elders-of-kalimdor, elders-of-northrend, and elders-of-the-dungeons. A lot of these will involve visiting hostile territory, including enemy capital cities and quest hubs.

lunar festival guide elder map

This map contains all of the locations of Elders, including the ones inside Dungeons. This may not be the most perfect, time-efficient route, but it is a simple path going through one continent at a time, instead of zigzagging across using boats and zeppelins.

Completing these 6 Achievements will also complete the various coin-of-ancestry Achievements at the same time, as well as give you enough Coins to buy all of the Lunar Festival outfits for Lunar-Festival-Finery.


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