Noblegarden Event and Achievements Guide

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It’s time to hide painted eggs and eat cheap chocolate! While there isn’t much substance to this event, there are 10 fairly easy-to-acquire achievements, including Noble Gardener, one of the required steps in getting the meta-achievement What A Long Strange Trip. Collectors will also be able to snag a companion pet, and Mages can snag the unique Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit.

Noblegarden starts on Easter Sunday, meaning it has a tendency to shift around from year to year. In 2023, Noblegarden will take place from the 9th of April until the 15th of April.

The primary currency for this event is Chocolate, which can be found hidden inside of Brightly Colored Eggs scattered around the level 5-10 towns for each race. You can spend your Chocolate by visiting a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant, or if you want to, you can just eat it instead!


Noble Gardener

The Meta achievement for Noblegarden requires you to complete 8 out of the 10 Event achievements, excluding Sunday’s Finest and Dressed for the Occasion.

Completing Noble Gardener will award the title the Noble, and is required for What A Long Strange Trip. If you’re in the market for a Violet Proto-Drake, you won’t want to miss out this year.

All of these achievements are simple, with no bosses and no strange minigames or long quest chains. You will need to involve other players in a few of them though, meaning you can’t complete this alone!

I Found One!

Likely the first achievement you’ll get for this event. All you need to do is find a Brightly Colored Egg out in the world and open it. These are best found close to any of the level 5-10 towns, such as Razor Hill, Goldshire, Brill, and Kharanos.

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It’s time to eat 100 pieces of Chocolate. Poor you. Keep in mind that these are the currency for the event, so eating too many might make it harder to purchase everything you want! These chocolates can be found in any of the Brightly Colored Eggs scattered around the world. There is no limit to how many you can get per day, as long as you can find enough eggs.

Blushing Bride

For this achievement you need to wear a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants, then use /kiss on a player that is wearing an Elegant Dress. All of these items can be bought from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant found in any of the level 5-10 towns, such as Razor Hill, Goldshire, Brill, and Kharanos. The tuxedo pieces cost 25 Chocolate each, and the dress costs 50 Chocolate.

noblegarden blow a kiss

Desert Rose

For this, you will need to get your hands on Spring Robes. They can either be found in one of the many Brightly Colored Eggs scattered around the world, or purchased from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant for 50 Chocolate. These vendors are found in any of the level 5-10 towns, such as Razor Hill, Goldshire, Brill, and Kharanos.

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Equip your Spring Robes and travel to each of the listed zones, using the Use effect on the robes to plant a flower in the desert. My recommended route would be to take the Caverns of Time portal found in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran, run into the Tanaris desert and plant your flower. From there you can run to Thousand Needles, planting your next flower. If you have the flight path, take a flight from Freewind Post if you’re Horde, or Gadgetzan if you’re Alliance, over to Silithus. Plant your next flower, and either fly or run from Silithus to Desolace for your last Kalimdor flower.

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To get to the Badlands to plant your last flower, I recommend taking the Dalaran portals to either Ironforge or Undercity. From there you can fly straight to Badlands, Loch Modan, or Searing Gorge if you have the flight paths, otherwise, you’ll have to run!

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Shake Your Bunny-Maker

No event is complete without having to track down a specific list of races, luckily for this one we don’t need race class combinations. Simply find a player of each race that is level 18 or above, and use Spring Flowers to give them some adorable rabbit ears. The best place to do this is of course Dalaran, but if you’re playing on a one faction server, Wintergrasp will likely be your best bet for this one.

Spring Flowers can be purchased from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant for 50 Chocolate.

Noble Garden

It wouldn’t be Noblegarden without hiding pretty painted eggs in strange places. Purchase a Noblegarden Egg from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant for 5 Chocolate and hide it in Silvermoon City if you’re Horde, or Stormwind if you’re Alliance.

noblegarden egg silvermoon

No one is checking if you actually hid the egg, but where is the fun in that? In Silvermoon I discovered their textiles were made by enslaved Leper Gnomes while trying to hide my eggs, so I made sure to include them in the festivity.

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You could even try hiding them in plain sight, but out of reach. Make them work for it!

Spring Fling

Grab yourself a Spring Rabbit’s Foot from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant for 100 Chocolate and summon your new fluffy companion near someone else’s and they might just fall in love. Find your little feller love in each of the listed towns for this achievement.

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The locations will differ for Horde and Alliance. Horde will need to bring their Spring Rabbit to Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Razor Hill, and Falconwing Square. Alliance instead will want to visit Azure Watch, Kharanos, Dolanaar, and Goldshire.

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Hard Boiled

This is a sentence I never expected to write. You will need to travel to western Un’goro Crater’s Hot Springs, transform into a rabbit, and lay an egg next to the water. This can be done either alone or together with a friend, but it will be significantly more difficult solo.

noblegarden spring fling

If you are doing this with a friend, they will need to purchase a Blossoming Branch from a Noblegarden Vendor or Noblegarden Merchant for 10 Chocolate. Travel together to the Golakka Hot Springs in Un’goro Crater, and have them use the Blossoming Branch on you, giving you a Rabbit Costume. Run around the edge of the water for a little bit. At random intervals, you will lay an egg, indicated by a sparkle animation on your rabbit self. Easy peasy, achievement unlocked.

Doing this solo on the other hand is going to be tricky. When you loot an egg, you have a chance to receive a Rabbit Costume. Set your Hearthstone to Cenarion Hold in Silithus, then go to Razor Hill, or Bloodhoof Village, and loot eggs until you get yourself a costume. Once you’re a rabbit, use your Hearthstone and run to the hot springs. Taking any damage, including fall damage will break your costume and require you to start over. Run around the edge of the water for a little bit, until you sparkle and lay an egg.

Sunday’s Finest & Dressed for the Occasion

You will need to find yourself either a White Tuxedo shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants, or an Elegant Dress inside the Brightly Colored Eggs scattered around. Purchasing either outfit from a vendor will not unlock the achievement. Fortunately, if you aren’t lucky enough to get yourself a barely used tuxedo or dress from eggs, these achievements are not part of the Meta achievement.


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1 year ago

You can get the clothes from the eggs. I got multiple sets along the way.

1 year ago

i picked up the first quest in dalaran (since there were event npc’s in dalaran and all) is this a messup on blizzards end? i went to shattarath, turned that quest in, was sent to silvermoon, and now questie is showing me where merchants should be but they arent there to start the egg collecting?

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