wotlk pve marksmanship hunter talents builds

When it comes to our talents and builds we will talk about two separate types of talents, our talents and our pet’s talents. There is only one standard build for Marksmanship Hunter that is perfectly optimized to deal as much damage as possible, however, there are also variations that allow you to alter either your gameplay or your stats by just a bit.

Notable Talents

  • Improved Tracking is a must have talent as you will deal up to 5% increased damage against targets that place themselves in the mentioned list, extremely powerful as you can track almost any kind of creature.
  • Wild Quiver is a must have talent that offers you a small chance, however, extremely powerful, of delivering an additional shot that deals 80% of your normal damage as Nature damage.
  • Readiness is one of the trademarks of Marksmanship, allowing you to pull of tricks such as double Misdirection and much more.
  • Trueshot Aura is an astonishing talent that can improve your damage and that of your allies, however, it can not stack with Unleashed Rage or Abomination’s Might.
  • Chimera Shot is our final talent in the Marksmanship tree, allowing us to utilize our sting abilities in order to proc different beneficial effects or to instantly damage the target.

Talent Builds

The standard build offers us an overall strong build, allowing us to easily cap our Hit Rating when, gain a second shot on our auto-shots, and provide both utility and high damage. The build itself does not require any changes, however, you might consider alternating Improved Barrage for Trap Mastery if you know that you need to use your traps more, or decide to spec into Explosive Trap.

wotlk pve marksmanship hunter talents build 1

The second Build works the same as the first one with the exception of removing points from Focused Aim in favor of Improved Hunter’s Mark. This build is optimal only in the case of your BiS gear providing you with a lot of Hit Rating. We must also note the fact that this build lacks the reduced pushback penalty gained from Focused Aim, so depending on the encounter that you are facing, it might prove as a fatal flaw. This build is usually good for Ulduar as the gear itself provides huge amounts of Hit Rating.

wotlk pve marksmanship hunter talents build 2
wotlk pve marksmanship hunter talents pet build


Recommended Glyphs:

Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of Steady Shot (Mandatory, increases the damage done by Steady Shot by 10% if the target is afflicted by Serpent Sting)
  • Glyph of Serpent Sting (Very good choice as it enhances the duration of Serpent Sting by 6 seconds)
  • Glyph of Kill Shot (Very good choice as it lowers the cooldown of Kill Shot by 6 seconds, enhancing your execution phase)
  • Glyph of Chimera Shot (Very good choice as it lowers the cooldown of Chimera Shot by 1 second, allowing you to proc Serpent Sting’s instant damage more frequently)
  • Glyph of the Hawk (Good choice as it enhances your Aspect of the Hawk by 6%)
  • Glyph of Explosive Trap (Astounding choice if you can utilize Explosive Trap on bosses, very situational)

Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Revive Pet (Reduces pushback while casting Revive Pet by 100%)
  • Glyph of Mend Pet (Your Mend Pet spell now increases your pet’s Happiness slightly, fluffy cuddles)
  • Glyph of Feign Death (Reduces the cooldown of Feign Death by 5 seconds, allows you to troll your allies more frequently)


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13 days ago

Cool guide. But not having points in Rapid Recuperation is kind of strange. And in that case, only 1 point in Improved Barrage is more common practice from my experience, as MS and AS arent biggest dmg outputs (usually 3rd-4th). Then the extra 2 points go to Rapid Recuperation. In case mana isnt rly an issue, then extra range from Hawk Eye talent can be surprisingly helpful.

TLDR, with conc aura in raid and ChimShot+SS being top of Hunters dps, putting 3 in Improved Barrage isnt worth it in my experience.

Reply to  heizt
10 days ago

Rather start by putting points into improved AS since it hits harder than aimed with low armor pen amounts – once u reach 435 arp and get out of that 1/2 into RR should atleast be considered indeed especially since improved SS can easily overlap itself, improved barrage is an extremely overrated talent

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