Valuable Fish & Other Catches

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Many players want to min-max, and buff foods are always going to be a part of that — therefore, any server with a healthy population will always have a demand for certain fish. In this section of the guide, we’ll list all of the fish that sell for meaningful gold on the Auction House, as well as a few other catches that can put some coins in your pocket.

Valuable Fish

The fish listed below will generally fetch a good price on the auction house, but check your server’s AH and look at what various fish are selling for before you go fishing. Sometimes, the market for certain fish may be saturated, driving down prices.

Fish are the main ingredients for cooking three of the feasts in WotLK. These can feed multiple members of a party, and Fish Feast are often used before dungeons, raids, or even PvP. The following fish are used in the indicated feasts:

Other fish that tend to sell well are used for individual buff foods:

Finally, you’ll sometimes be able to sell Borean Man O’ War for several gold on the Auction House, because it can be used to level Cooking from 400-425 via Black Jelly. (The alternatives require Northern Spices, which tend to be expensive on the AH and are otherwise gated behind the Dalaran Cooking dailies.)

Other Catches

While fish generally sell to vendors for very little money, there are some noteworthy catches that do have respectable sell prices:

  • The 1 Ring – This item isn’t actually strong for characters that aren’t very low level, but because it’s so incredibly rare, it can still sometimes sell for quite a high price on the auction house. It has been fished up in low level areas like, Orgrimarr, Stormwind City, The Barrens, Thunder Bluff, and Darkshore. It therefore seems likely that it can be fished up in any low-level areas.



There are other non-fish catches that can be considered valuable, but they are bind-on-pickup items. You can see these on the Rewards & Achievements page.


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