PvP Shadow Priest Best Professions

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When it comes to professions for Shadow Priest PvP, it really comes down to what you are trying to achieve. If your goal is optimization and best stats for the arena and battlegrounds, your choices are clear. However, if you don’t care about stat optimization for arenas and battlegrounds, and you’d like some more gold in your pockets, you have other possible options. 

Best Professions for Stats 

Like with most other classes & specs in the game, Engineering is a very strong choice, and Tailoring is essential for your spec as well.

Tailoring is a profession that allows you to craft gear with cloth materials gathered around the world. This profession can guarantee you a steady amount of gold while also empowering you with one of the best enchantments in the game for casters, Lightweave Embroidery

When it comes to all the DPS classes that wish to min-max their stats for end-game content, Engineering becomes almost a necessity. HyperSpeed Accelerators will significantly boost your overall damage, especially considering the fact that Shadow Priest is one of the classes that best abuses haste. Nitro Boosts allows you to either chase down targets in battlegrounds or run away from dangerous situations. Other than those neat gadgets, engineering provides you with bombs, mounts, and a ton of other cool tricks that you can play upon your enemies.

Best Professions for Gold Generation

The following professions are considered viable, but offer a lesser benefit compared to the best professions, so they’re not recommended. If you’re not focused on making your character 100% optimal, you can use any of these professions just fine.

Alchemy is one of the most versatile professions you can have in the game, offering an assortment of useful effects from potions and flasks; it’s also a very capable way of loading your bags with shiny gold. If you are going to select Alchemy as your main profession it would be a good idea to pair it up with Herbalism, since the cost of the herbs might be too high for you to realistically acquire them from the Auction House.

This profession allows you to gather herbs around the world, often best paired up with Alchemy to create a hefty amount of gold

This profession allows you to create powerful empowerments for items, or destroy items in order to create pricy magical specks of dust that can be sold in the Auction House. Considering that the best in slot profession for you as a Shadow Priest for stats is Tailoring, you might choose to pair it up with Enchanting. While Enchanting does not offer stats as powerful as Engineering, you can still gain some powerful unique ring enchantments.


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