pve shadow priest stat priority (wotlk 3.3.5a)

As a Shadow priest, you want to focus on mainly Spell Power & Haste and Crit over Haste when you reach either of your caps (soft and hard cap)

  1. Hit (till capped)
  2. Spell Power
  3. Haste (till capped)
  4. Crit
  5. Spirit
  6. Intellect

Generally, a level 80 Caster requires 17% (446 Hit Rating) against level 83 Raid boss to assure not to miss any single spell. On the other hand, as a Shadow Priest, you have 2 passive Hit Rating Bonus during combat from Misery & Shadow Focus both of them gives you a bonus of 3% Hit Rating each and the effect stacks so you’ll end up with a 6% bonus of Hit Rating so that leaves only 11% (287 Hit Rating) to be collected from gear/gems .

  • Heroic Presence is a Draenei racial passive aura that affect the raid party in a 30 yard range and increases the Hit Chance (Melee and spells) by 1%

Spell Power and Haste are the primary stats for this spec. Spell Power is Pure damage bonus and there is no cap for it, the more you have the more damage you’ll bring to the fight.

As a DoT (Damage over Time) based caster, Haste Rating will be crucial to have due to how much it affects your dot ticks. You’ll need to aim for at least 1269 Haster Rating as it’s your soft cap (Means that with your current haste with other raid buffs and procs you’ll bring your Mind Flay channel time will go down to 1 second and going beyond that will be a waste of stats) and you’ll be aiming to have 1400 Haste Rating for your hard cap (you’ll be independent from raid haste buffs and your Mind Flay will always be at 1 second).

  • Critical Rating becomes your way to go after reaching your haste cap as at this point your dots will benefit more of crit over haste.
  • Spirit improves your regenerations through Improved Spirit Tap and improves your Spell Power  due to Twisted Faith.
  • Intellect increases the mana pool and slightly increases the Critical Rating.


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Best Spriest OCE
Best Spriest OCE
16 days ago

Haste cap KEKW

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