PvP Balance Druid Stat Priority

wotlk pvp balance druid stat priority

In this section we will be covering the stat priority list for a Balance Druid as it applies to PvP combat in Wrath of the Lich King!

  1. Resilience
  2. Critical Strike Chance
  3. Haste
  4. Spell Penetration
  5. Hit rating
  6. Spellpower

When it comes to Player-versus-Player content, Resilience is the most important stat you can acquire. It protects you from being critically struck, and it reduces the overall damage you receive. As a caster, this stat is even more meaningful because of your lack of armor and your low health pool. Especially because you are a Balance Druid, you should aim to reach a high Resilience rating – try to hit 1400.

Critical Strike Chance plays an immense role in our build, particularly due to the nature of our specialization and our talents. However, your gear naturally offers you a high Critical Strike rating, further supplemented by your talents, so you should not worry about gemming or enchanting it.

Haste plays a big role for a “Boomie” – it offers you a chance to perform your cast sequence faster, as well as a bigger potential for bursting your targets.

Spell Penetration is one of the most important stats for casters in Player-versus-Player content, and it’s one that tends to be overlooked. The cap is 130 – you should try to reach it if you want to maximize the effect of your spells against the Resilience of other players. However, you can also opt-in for having just 75 in this category; the value should be enough to make your spells “hurt”.

Hit Rating is pretty self-explanatory: you simply need it. To maximize your damage, you should aim to have a Hit Rating of at least 5%.

Spellpower here works on the same principle as it does with PvE scenarios – it empowers your spells, making them more destructive. And, just like in PvE, the more you have of it, the merrier.


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