PvP Enhancement Shaman Pre-BiS & BiS Gear

wotlk pvp enhancement shaman pre bis bis gear

In this section we will be covering each Season’s BiS gearing options. We’ll also cover gearing options to get you started in PvP in Wrath of the Lich King! Each set will be comprised of a mixture of gear obtained through PvP and PvE content.


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Hey there folks, I am Nevermore and have been deeply passionate about WoW for more than a decade. Whether we talk about the hidden mysteries of Azeroth or the otherworldly Outland, my journey brought me here to share the things that I have experienced with you all.
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1 year ago

eh death’s verdict is so much better, most of your dmg is elemental, armor pen not a high prio on enhanc shaman in pvp

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