PvE Holy Priest Healer Talents, Builds & Glyphs

wotlk pve holy priest healer talents, builds & glyphs

When it comes to the Holy Priest talents, there are a few possible builds which can fill different rolls within a group/raid, but only a few glyphs that are useful.

Talent Builds


This spec can cover all rolls easily while also providing easy mana regen.


This build is all about hard-casting spells. It is a very versatile spec and can fill nearly every role. The roles it can fill are “Raid HoTs”, “Tank Heals,” and “Raid/Group Bulk Healing”. The role it is best at is nuke heals on large numbers of people for short periods of time.


This build is all about instant-cast spells. It is a spec that fills only a single niche, and that is blanketing a raid with Renew and using a few other instant-cast spells.

Notable Talents


Major Glyphs

These are some recommended combinations of glyphs, suited for specific types of PvE content:

Circle of Healing now heals 6 people instead of 5!

 A very good glyph if you regularly don’t consume the death-prevention part of the spell.

Pretty Straight forward, this glyph makes one of our most used heals cost 10% less.

Minor Glyphs

Even if your Shadowfiend dies from damage, you’ll receive 5% of your maximum mana.

This glyph allows you to cast Levitate without the need for a reagent!

This glyph increases the duration of Shadow Protection and Greater Shadow Protection by 10 minutes. The glyph itself is self-explanatory and it’s good on its own for convenience reasons.

Glyph of Fortitude reduces the mana cost for Prayer of Fortitude and Power Word: Fortitude by 50%.


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8 months ago

Just so the reader and everyone else is aware. The glyph of penance is probably meant to be glyph of prayer of healing.

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