PVE Holy Paladin Healer Guide WotLK 3.3.5a
  • Author: Nevermore
  • Date: September 25, 2021
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Welcome to the Holy Paladin PvE guide for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. In this guide you will learn how to properly play a Holy Paladin in dungeons and raids, whether those might be normal or heroic. The Holy Paladin is viewed as one of the most powerful healers in the game, representing the “Holy Light” and bringing it literally onto the battlefield.

This guide overviews the Holy Paladin regarding the latest patch 3.3.5 which includes:

BIS gear, gems, enchantments, gameplay and spell rotation tips.

Best Races

Considering the expansion we are reviewing is Wrath of the Lich King, the Paladin class has somewhat of a one-sided availability when it comes to races that are able to select this class with Horde having just the Blood Elves and the Alliance having several choices which are Human, Dwarf and Draenei.



  • Human: One of the three available races for the Paladin class on Alliance, Humans have several amazing racial abilities. One of them being Diplomacy, which increases your reputation gains by 10%. This will help you reach the various reputation levels required to purchase enchants and items earlier than other races. The Human Spirit will help you min-max your stats better. 

Humans also benefit from one extremely strong racial, Every Man for Himself, although this mostly has a PvP application, it can be used to evade certain stun or incapacitating effects from dungeons and raids.

  • Dwarf:  Due to the nature of the expansion, Frost damage is especially expected during dungeons and raids and thus Frost Resistance will be incredibly helpful since it helps you avoid some of the damage you may receive. The Dwarf race has one more interesting defensive racial, Stoneform, which increases your armor by 10% and removes debuffs.
  • Draenei: Another suitable choice for the Paladin class, the Draenei have one major racial ability which is able to buff the entire party, Heroic Presence. It is a highly sought-after buff which increases the entire party’s hit chance by 1%. While this may not seem like much, it offers the opportunity for all the players benefiting from this buff to increase other valuable stats while not being forced to reach the hit cap. Draenei benefit from Gemcutting, increasing their skill for Jewelcrafting and Shadow Resistance, which reduces the chance to be hit by shadow spells by 2%.

Best Professions

When it comes to professions it really depends what you are aiming for: gold farming, gameplay improvements or overall min-maxing.

  • Mining will generate you a good source of income while also generating enough raw materials to level up professions such as Engineering or Jewelcrafting. Most people underestimate the profitability of mining, but rest assured that it will make you go a long way. (Mining = Toughness, Toughness = Increased HP – This was added in Patch 3.0.2)
  • Jewelcrafting is one of the professions which can lend you plenty of gold while also contributing to the min-maxing aspect of the game. A Jewelcrafter can create special gems like the Mystic Dragon’s Eye which boost your intellect by a considerable value.
  • Engineering is a must-have for high-end raiding, and that is for two reasons: first of all, they can craft Hyperspeed Accelerators, which is a huge boost to your haste since it offers 340 haste rating every 48 seconds. Nitro Boosts provide an amazing escape mechanism for hard encounters and it helps you kite around or escape certain mechanics such as the red ooze from Professor Putricide or “Defile” from Lich King.
  • Alchemy can be an extraordinary profession. It’s a money maker for sure when combined with Herbalism. It offers 2-hour flasks, transmutations and access to a lot of useful potions. Due to the fact that raiding requires a high amount of consumables, you will want to pair Alchemy with Herbalism in order to maximize the potential gain of the profession. Enchanting / Tailoring is always a good pair. The sheer fact that you can create bags can boost your revenue and everything that you are going to create with tailoring you can disenchant for a large profit on the auction house. Tailoring provides a useful bonus enchantment for your cloak while enchanting offers you the possibility to enchant your rings. However, Enchanting may be extremely expensive to level up, especially if not paired with Tailoring.


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