shrine 3 for pvp elemental shaman guide

The following Stat Priority recommendations are a guideline for you to decide how you want to gear. In order, PvP Elemental Shaman Stat Priority is as follows:

  1. Resilience
  2. Hit Rating
  3. Haste
  4. Spell Penetration
  5. Spell Power


Resilience should be the first stat you think about when you talk about PvP, the fact that the Elemental Shaman does not have a lot of defensives means that you will have to stack as much resilience as possible, the soft cap for this is 1400 but you should definitely aim for more, a good amount would be 1600.

Hit Rating

Hit rating should always be in the range of 4% and 6%. 6% is more than enough to never miss any spell you throw at your enemies.


Haste rating will always play a big role when it comes down to your ability to burst down a target. You will want to stack as much haste as possible from your gear pieces and some of your gems. However, you should never over-stack haste over critical strike chance, most of your gear already offers critical strike chance but your off-pieces will be the ones that will truly help you reach your desired haste rating.

Spell Penetration

Spell penetration goes a long way and the cap for it is 130, you should gem accordingly to reach it.

Spell Power

This is another stat that you should aim to amplify as much as possible, so we can not talk about an actual cap you need to reach. More is better!


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