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Twisted and corrupted by Loken, the once proud Blue Proto-Drake Veranus is now a husk of her former self. Fused with iron plates by Ignis the Furnace Master, Razorscale patrols the outskirts of Ulduar as one of the first lines of defense.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Razorscale, grounding the winged terror and overwhelming her.

Role Summaries

  • Avoid standing in fire
  • Don’t stand close to dark-rune-sentinels
  • Don’t stand in front of the boss if you are not currently tanking
  • Tank swap at 2-3 stacks of fuse-armor during the ground phase.
  • Tank dark-rune-sentinels away from the raid
  • Position Razorscale so she is not standing in fire
  • Call devouring-flame targets to avoid players standing in fire
  • Call tank swaps at high stacks of fuse-armor if your tanks aren’t doing this themselves
  • Give warning whenever Razorscale is about to swap between air and ground
  • Try to make players aware of adds spawning and which add to kill
    • e.g Calling for ranged DPS to focus Dark Iron Sentinels
  • Call out when Harpoons are ready to fire
    • Ideally specify which player should be activating them



The fight against Razorscale takes place in two phases, an air phase, and a ground phase. Each phase has a few abilities shared between them, as well as a few abilities unique to the phase.

During the air phase, the raid will also have to handle Dark Rune dwarf adds with their own abilities.

During the ground phase, Razorscales damage is significantly higher, especially against tanks, requiring a lot more careful use of defensives, tank swapping, and healing.


Razorscale spits a Lava Bomb at a random player, dealing heavy Fire damage to everyone within 6-yards of the target. This leaves a patch of fire on the ground, lasting for 25-seconds. Avoid standing in the lingering fire!

Razorscale deals heavy Fire damage to everyone in front of her. This is cast just before she takes off for the air phase.

Razorscale flaps her wings, knocking everyone within 35-yards back. This is used at the start of each phase and mainly resets positions for the coming phase.


Razorscale shoots a fireball at her target, dealing moderate Fire damage.


Razorscale applies a stacking debuff to her current target, reducing their armor, attack speed, and movement speed by 20% for 20 seconds. At 5-stacks, the target will be stunned. This is a tank swap mechanic, requiring two tanks to taunt off each other to avoid reaching 5 stacks.

Razorscale applies a stacking debuff to the raid, increasing the Fire damage they take significantly, stacking up to 99 times. You will need to kill the boss before this debuff overwhelms the raid.


The dark-rune-guardian instantly attacks, debuffing the target causing them to take 20% increased Nature damage for 12-seconds.


The dark-rune-sentinel whirlwinds for 4-seconds, dealing heavy Physical damage to everyone in range.


dark-rune-watchers cast lightning-bolts as their main attack, dealing moderate Nature damage to the target. This is increased by stormstrike.

dark-rune-watchers also cast chain-lightning, dealing moderate Nature damage to the first target and bouncing to up to 5 total targets, dealing increased damage with each bounce. Avoid stacking too closely to make sure this doesn’t bounce 5 times.

Raid Composition & Preparation

This fight has no specific class or spec requirements, and as long as your group can out heal the damage you should be able to pull through.

You will want 1-3 Healers for this fight, with no specific class or spec being more important than others.

There are no strict requirements for DPS classes or specs here, you simply want a combination of good raid buffs and debuffs, as well as the best players you can muster.

You will want 2 tanks for this fight, both to effectively pick up all the adds that spawn during the air phase and to be able to tank swap during the ground phase.

The Pull

Razorscale is initiated by talking to an Expedition Commander, found at the entrance to the boss arena. Once the event is started, Mole Machines will appear, spawning Dark Iron Soldiers that will need to be picked up by tanks, with Razorscale above dropping fire on the raid.

The Fight

Air Phase

Razorscale starts the fight in her air phase. During this phase friendly dwarf NPCs will repair the four harpoon turrets, and once they have repaired all of them players can operate them in order to shoot Razorscale down, beginning the ground phase.

10 razorscale ground phase

In the air phase Razorscale will use devouring-flame on random players, dealing fire damage to them and leaving a flame patch where it lands. These need to be consistently avoided by the raid, but they are clearly visible as blue fire on the ground. She will also periodically shoot fireballs at random players, dealing heavy damage to them.

Adds will come in waves, spawned from Mole Machines. These adds need to be grabbed by tanks. The dark-rune-sentinels should be tanked away from players and DPSed down by ranged DPS, as they do a whirlwind, hitting everyone in melee range. dark-rune-watchers deal the most damage and should be focused down by melee DPS. dark-rune-guardians should be tanked, but are the last priority to kill as they are the least threatening.

Groups with higher DPS can have all their DPS focus down dark-rune-sentinels, but this is only a viable strategy if you can kill them before they cast whirlwind at all.

Before launching the final harpoon, you will want to make sure there are as few adds alive as possible, to avoid having to deal with them during the ground phase. Ideally there should be communication, the player firing the turret should call out that they are firing it so that the tanks are as ready as possible to grab the boss.

Ground Phase

After the final harpoon has been launched, Razorscale will be pulled to the ground and begin the second phase. Your raid will have around 30 seconds before Razorscale breaks free and goes into the air phase again. At 50% health, Razorscale will be permanently grounded for the rest of the fight.

10 razorscale air phase

During the ground phase adds will no longer spawn, but the adds that aren’t dead will need to be killed to avoid them creating chaos while the boss is still being killed.

When the ground phase is ending, Razorscale will cast flame-breath, dealing damage to everyone in front of her, followed by wing-buffet, knocking everyone within 35-yards away.

Razorscale will need to be tanked facing away from the raid to avoid flame-breath hitting anyone except the tank. The tanks will also need to move her almost constantly, similar to the Grobbulus fight in Naxxramas. This is to make sure everyone is able to reach the boss to DPS without being in the flame patches on the ground.

She will periodically use fuse-armor on the tank, and once a tank has 2-3 stacks, the off-tank will need to taunt the boss off of them to avoid getting too many stacks. At 5 stacks the tank will be stunned, unable to avoid any damage and almost certainly going to die.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Adds are not killed fast enough, leading to them overwhelming the raid.
  • Sentinels hit non-tanks with whirlwind, killing them.
  • Players don’t watch their feet, standing in devouring-flame.
  • The ground phase is started without communication, leading to adds being alive during the ground phase.
  • Tanks fail to tank swap, inevitably killing one of them.


  • the-siege-of-ulduar-10
    • Defeat the bosses of The Siege area in Ulduar. These bosses are Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis the Furnace Master, and XT-002 Deconstructor.
  • a-quick-shave-10
    • Defeat Razorscale without allowing her to enter the air phase twice. This requires the raid to have enough DPS to reduce her to 50% health during the first ground phase.
  • iron-dwarf-medium-rare-10
    • Defeat 25 dark-rune-guardian Dwarves with Razorscale’s flame-breath. This requires the raid to reduce dwarves to low health, and then position them in front of Razorscale as she leaves the ground phase. If done correctly, she will use flame-breath on the adds, killing them. This does not need to be done in a single run and is cumulative across all runs.

Congratulations on defeating Razorscale, and freeing her from the corruption of Loken. Next up is XT-002 Deconstructor.


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