PvE Restoration Druid Gems, Enchants & Consumables

pve restoration druid gems, enchants & consumables

Besides your gear and talents, there are 3 additional ways you as a player can increase your character’s power: Gems, Enchants, and Consumables, which have the potential to make your character significantly more powerful when combined correctly.

Many guilds and raid groups may not invite you at all if you don’t have the correct combination — but worry not, this guide will help you avoid that problem!


This will be the best Meta Gem that you can acquire for the majority of the expansion, as it grants you both the much-needed Mp5, as well as the increased Critical Strike Chance for your healing spells.

For your Red Sockets, the most common and beneficial choices are Runed Scarlet Ruby and Runed Cardinal Ruby. You will only be able to use Runed Cardinal Ruby once the third phase of the expansion begins.

However, if you need to reach the 850 Haste rating quicker, you will want to try gems like Reckless Monarch Topaz and Reckless Ametrine for this socket.

The best gems for your Yellow Sockets are Reckless Monarch Topaz and Reckless Ametrine. However, if you have a low Haste Rating, you might want to try Quick Autumn’s Glow / Quick King’s Amber instead.

You need 1 blue gem to activate your meta gem, and the Tears are your best option for that slot — though, you will have to put them in a blue socket for them to count as a blue gem.

Get 1 prismatic gem, or fill other blue sockets with Reckless Monarch Topaz/Reckless Ametrine.

If you want the socket bonus of a specific item and don’t feel like using Reckless Monarch Topaz/Reckless Ametrine, you can use Intricate Forest Emerald/Intricate Eye of Zul instead.


For your Head slot you will want to consider Arcanum of Blissful Mending at the beginning of the expansion, to help you with mana management since your mana pool will be lower. Towards the middle of the expansion, you will want to change to Arcanum of Burning Mysteries, as your mana pool grows significantly, with Critical Strike Chance being more beneficial.

This will be the best enchantment for this slot. The Mp5 will be extremely useful at the beginning of the expansion, an efficient option up until the very last phase of the expansion.

As an alternative, you can choose Greater Inscription of the Storm towards the end of the expansion, as your mana pool and spirit will be high enough that you will no longer have issues with your mana management.

For the Back enchantment, you have two viable options. The first and most powerful one is Lightweave Embroidery, granting you access to the most powerful raw Spellpower bonus gained from an enchantment in the entire game.

The common alternative to Lightweave Embroidery is Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed. The additional Haste will assist you in lowering the GCD to 1 second.

This is your only viable option for this slot.

This will be the best enchantment for this slot. There is no other better option here, other than raw Spellpower!

Players with the Engineering profession should use their profession-exclusive Hyperspeed Accelerators enchant here, while everyone else uses Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower.

Additionally, players with the Blacksmithing profession should use Socket Gloves to add an extra socket to their gloves. It stacks with enchants.

This is your only option for this slot.

This is your best option for this slot, especially since it further enhances both your Spellpower and Spirit. Keep in mind that, with the Tree of Life form, we will gain even more Spellpower based on our Spirit!

Players with the Engineering profession should use their profession-exclusive Nitro Boosts enchant here, while everyone else uses Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit.

Players with the Enchanting profession should use their profession-exclusive Enchant Ring – Greater Spellpower enchant here. There are no other options.

What you will want to use for weapon enchantment will depend on what type of weapon you are using. You will want to get Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower for One-Handed Weapons and Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower for Staves.

There is no better enchantment available other than raw Spell Power, since there is no reliable way to gain Haste Rating through an enchantment.


For flasks, all really depends on how powerful your character already is. Flask of Pure Mojo will be your best friend for the majority of the expansion, since mana management will be hard until the very end. Once you gain a solid grasp over your mana pool, you will want to use Flask of the Frost Wyrm.

The most commonly used food in raids will be Fish Feast. However, if you do not fancy raw Spellpower and want a different buff, you can choose Spicy Fried Herring at the beginning of the expansion to aid you with your mana management, or Spicy Blue Nettlefish later in the expansion for increased Haste Rating.

Keep in mind that you can only use one potion per combat! From the very moment the combat starts, until the very end of the status effect, you will only be able to use a single potion.

However, to combat this game mechanic, people have been using a mechanic called “pre-potting”, by using a potion 2-3 seconds before the actual combat begins, enabling you to use another potion during the combat, granting you access to 2 potions instead of just one.

Potion of Speed is the ideal potion that you can “pre-pot”, with Potion of Wild Magic being the ideal option during combat.

You can still use scrolls in Wrath of the Lich King — however, they do not stack with stat-boosting effects offered by class buffs.


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10 months ago

Hey there!
Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond needs only 2 red sockets to be active.
Is prismatic gem still viable on blue sockets? (bringing strong stats?)
Or is it better to go on Reckless / Intricate gems?
Many thanks for the guide btw  😉 

1 year ago

Relentless Earthsiege is AGI.

Piere Woodman
Piere Woodman
1 year ago

Are you really thing that Revitalizing meta socket is better then Insightful ?
Why ?

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