Fishing Achievements & Unique Rewards

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Fishing is one of the most achievement-heavy professions there is, and it also offers a number of exclusive mounts and minipets. In this section of the guide, we’ll list all of the unique Fishing rewards and achievements, and explain how to get them if it isn’t obvious. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks for the more challenging achievements (like fishing in the opposing capital).

Sea Turtle Mount and Mini-Pets

For all Fishermen, the Sea Turtle is one of the most highly prized catches. Other than Druid’s Aquatic Form, the Sea Turtle is one of the few items — alongside a small number of trinkets and consumables — that will increase your swim speed. As a BoP mount, it must be caught by you directly, so finding it is quite the feat. The process to catch it is deceptively simple: just fish in any school in Northrend. The drop rate, however, is well below 1%, so it may take some patience to catch. There is no explicit strategy or quick way to find it; you just have to be dedicated.

There are also a number of mini-pets available through Fishing. In addition to Toothy, Muckbreath, Snarly, and Chuck which drop from the Bag of Fishing Treasures (TBC) daily reward and the Strand Crawler that drops from Bag of Fishing Treasures (WotLK), you can catch:

  • Mr. Pinchy / Magical Crawdad
    • Mr. Pinchy has a < 1% chance of being fished from Highland Mixed School in Terrokar Forest
      • These schools spawn at Stonebreaker Hold, Allerian Stronghold, and Skettis on a 45 – 60 minute timer, so making a circuit between these three locations on a flying mount should come close to the time it takes them to respawn.
    • Using Mr. Pinchy has a chance (< 1%) to yield Magical Crawdad, but he has multiple charges
  • Giant Sewer Rat
    • Fished up in The Underbelly, < 1% chance

Fishing Achievements

Besides the standard achievements that you will earn from fishing in certain schools, catching a certain number of fish, or casting into all types of wreckage, there are also a number of noteworthy or somewhat difficult achievements. Below, find a complete list of fishing-related achievements.

Each achievement is worth 10 Achievement points.



Northrend & Dalaran


  • Deadliest Catch
    • Fish up Gahz’ranka in Zul’Gurub
  • Fish Don’t Leave Footprints
  • Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box
  • Master Angler of Azeroth
  • Old Crafty / Old Ironjaw
    • These achievements require you to fish up either Old Crafty or Old Ironjaw in Orgrimmar or Ironforge, respectively. This can be especially difficult for players of the opposing faction, given the extremely low drop rate of either. For both, an Elixir of Camouflage can be helpful to evade detection.
      • To catch Old Crafty as an Alliance player, it’s recommended that after getting into Orgrimmar, you fish in the Valley of Wisdom waterfall, as it’s generally a low-traffic area with rocks to hide you.
      • To catch Old Ironjaw as a Horde player, one of the first steps is getting into Ironforge. This can be done either directly, or through the tram in Stormwind, which can be a less conspicuous entrance. Once inside, try to make it to the Forlorn Cavern, as it is generally less populated and less guards are present.
  • The Fishing Diplomat
    • Successfully fish in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar
      • This one is much easier for Horde players, as you can fish “in” Stormwind by heading north from Westfall up the coast towards Stormwind. You’ll reach “Stormwind Harbor”, and there’s a spot at (26.8, 61.8) where you can stand and fish. Water Walking can make this even easier.
      • Alliance players will need to sneak into Orgrimmar, which is much tougher but still possible. Head north up the river west of Orgrimmar, and enter via the gate with the bridge near (64, 0). Get off the road once you’re inside, and run towards the Valley of the Spirits — the guards will stop chasing you fairly quickly. Then you can fish in the Valley of the Spirits, or fish at the waterfall in the Valley of Wisdom, which is a very hidden spot. You can even sneak all the way to the Valley of Honor, as it also tends to be sparsely populated. A Potion of Invisibility or other stealth spells can be useful for sneaking past players. Make sure you fish behind an obstacle of some kind!


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