First Aid Guide 1 450 WotLK 3.3.5a
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: December 30, 2019
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Like Cooking and Fishing, First Aid is one of the secondary professions that all players can and should learn. With it, you can craft bandages like Heavy Frostweave Bandage that allow you to heal yourself while questing or leveling without the need for a potion. Overall, First Aid is a quick, straightforward profession to level, and it is useful in almost any situation.

Training First Aid

Old World

Like most professions, trainers in any major capital can teach you Apprentice through Artisan First Aid. While some bandages used to require specific recipes and certain tiers required completing a quest, any trainer can now teach you everything you’ll need to power level through this section.


In Outland, there are two ways to become a Master in First Aid. The first is by purchasing Master First Aid: Doctor in the House, and the second is by learning directly from your faction’s trainer in Hellfire Peninsula. For the Horde, this will be Arsella at Falcon Watch, and for the Alliance, it is Burko at the Temple of Telhamat.


Once you reach Northrend, your Grand Master trainers will be located near the other profession trainers. For the Alliance, you’ll speak to Bryna Wilson in Valiance Keep, and the Horde will need to find Nurse Applewood in Warsong Hold.

If you have access to Dalaran, all players can speak with Olisarra the Kind. Similarly, all players can also be taught by Joseph Wilson at the Argent Tournament grounds. For the purposes of power leveling, it’s recommended that you train entirely with Olisarra the Kind due to her proximity to the AH, but because you will need to find a world drop recipe to complete leveling, you will eventually need to leave Dalaran.

Cloth Farming

To cap First Aid, it is possible to buy all the materials from the Auction House. Due to the scarcity of some cloth types, however, there may be times when it is more effective to farm for your cloth. All cloth types are dropped by humanoid mobs of differing levels, and certain zones are more heavily populated with these. They are:

Required Materials

Old World



Leveling First Aid

Old World

1 – 40: Linen Bandage

40 – 80: Heavy Linen Bandage

After you reach 50, make sure to learn Journeyman First Aid.

80 – 115: Wool Bandage

115 – 150: Heavy Wool Bandage

Starting at 125, you can train up to Expert

150 – 180: Silk Bandage

180 – 210: Heavy Silk Bandage

210 – 240: Mageweave Bandage

When you hit 225, you should train Artisan.

240 – 260: Heavy Mageweave Bandage

260 – 290: Runecloth Bandage

290 – 300: Heavy Runecloth Bandage

  • Combine Runecloth into Heavy Runecloth Bandage.

Once you’ve reached 300, you can venture to Outland and learn Master First Aid by purchasing Master First Aid: Doctor in the House or by speaking directly with a trainer. This is also a good time to purchase Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage.


300 – 330: Netherweave Bandage

After you’ve finished making your standard Netherweave Bandages, make sure to purchase Manual: Heavy Netherweave Bandage from your Master trainer in order to continue.

330 – 350: Heavy Netherweave Bandage

After you’ve crafted enough Heavy Netherweave Bandages to reach 350, you can head on to Northrend and learn Grand Master First Aid.


350 – 390: Frostweave Bandage

To finish leveling your First Aid, you’ll need to acquire Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage. The Manual is a BoP world drop, which means that if you do not find it while questing, you’ll have to farm it yourself. The two normal mobs with the highest chance to drop it are:

The Manual also has a fairly high chance to drop from mobs and bosses in Dungeons, so if no other farming method has worked for you, you can keep running 5-mans until you’ve found it.

390 – 450: Heavy Frostweave Bandage


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1 year ago

very helpful! Was stuck with how to craft Heavy Frostweave Cloth, and this helped alot.

Last edited by Saintbread
1 month ago

Heavy Netherweave bandage manual requires 360 skill, not 330

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