How to Get to Northrend

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  • Author: Tavon
  • Date: September 28, 2022
  • Updated: September 28, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion being added to the Classic Era of WoW, players will travel to the newly available Northrend Continent to explore newly available areas, fighting off Dragonkin, Scourge, and eventually the Lich King himself at the heart of Icecrown Citadel. All players are able to travel to Northrend at a minimum level of 68.

Depending on whether you play as Horde or Alliance, your travel to Northrend will be different. Boats and Zeppelins are available to take players from the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor to the two lowest level Northrend Zones, The Borean Tundra on the west side of the continent and the Howling Fjords on the east. Both of these starting zones are designed for levels 68-72 and are roughly equivalent, so it is up to you where you want to start your journey through Northrend!


Borean Tundra from Stormwind Harbor

Stormwind City is looking a little different in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as the Stormwind Harbor has been added into gameplay. Explore this new part of the city which is to the Northwest of the Cathedral Square and North of the park. Where previously you would have met a dead end, you can now travel through an open passageway and into the harbor.

Once at the Stormwind Harbor, the boat at the Northernmost dock will take travelers to the Borean Tundra. The boat sails directly into the Alliance city of Valiance Keep, where players will begin their Northrend Questing journey.

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Leesha Tannerby is the Dockmaster for the ship that sails to the Borean Tundra from Stormwind.

Howling Fjord from Menethil Harbor

A familiar hub for Alliance Travel, the Menethil Harbor is home to the boat which will take travelers from the Eastern Kingdoms to the Howling Fjord. The dock that is furthest to the right features a new landing and Northern looking boat that sails directly to the Alliance city of Valgarde, the first hub where questers will get started in the Howling Fjord starting zone.

screen shot 2022 09 19 at 1.48.39 pm
Ludin Farrow is the Dockmaster for the boat which takes travelers from Menethil Harbor to the Howling Fjord Starting zone for Alliance players.


Players in the Horde faction will travel to Northrend using the Zeppelins which are located outside of The Undercity and Orgrimmar.

Howling Fjord from The Undercity

Outside of the Undercity, a new Zeppelin is available to travelers. Climb the stairs to the landing of the Zeppelin tower and load into the new Cloudkisser Zeppelin. After a few minutes you will be transported to the Horde’s Vengeance Landing town in the Howling Fjord.

howling fjord zeppelin horde undercity
Meefi Farthrottle is the Howling Fjord Zeppelin Master at The Undercity’s new Zeppelin Tower.

Borean Tundra from Orgrimmar

Just outside the main gates of Orgrimmar, players can load into the new Zeppelin from the Western Tower for a trip straight to Warsong Hold, the first quest hub for Horde Players in the Borean Tundra starting zone.

borean tundra zeppelin orgrimmar tower
Greeb Ramrocket is the Borean Tundra Zeppelin Master located in the West Zeppelin Tower outside of the Orgrimmar main gates.

Using Portals to Get to Northrend

Upon initial release of the expansion, the only way to travel to Northrend is to use the boats and zeppelins. Starting at level 74, Mages are able to learn the Portal: Dalaran spell and bring group members of any level directly to Dalaran. This is a huge benefit to players of all levels, as form Dalaran you can access all of the Capital cities from each faction, as well as Shattrath. Additionally, all players need to attain level 74 in order to get the quest needed to travel to Dalaran for the first time except for Mages, who can learn Teleport: Dalaran at level 71.


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