PvE Frost Mage Rotation & Cooldowns

wotlk pve frost mage rotation & cooldowns
  • Author: Amery
  • Date: September 1, 2022
  • Updated: September 1, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Frost Mages don’t have much of a rotation since it can be around a couple buttons, however we shall still go over them!

Single Target Rotation

Frost doesn’t have much of a rotation as it’s basically spam Frostbolt, there are only a couple exceptions to this, Deep Freeze and Brain Freeze Procs.

Deep Freeze should be used anytime it’s off cooldown and for Brain Freeze, you’ll essentially cast Frostfire bolts anytime the proc is up.

AoE Rotation

For AoE Blizzard will do more damage than pure Frostbolt spam at 3 or more targets, while they aren’t moving that is. If the mobs are moving then Arcane Explosion and Cone of Cold is the next best thing you can use


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Hey guys! My name is Amery and here is a little something about me: I've been playing WoW for about 15 years now. With that experience, I wanted to share all the things I have learned over the years.
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1 year ago

I’ts not just Frostbolt spam. There are minor adjustments in the rotation based on the procs you’ve got. There’s definitely more depth into it.

That One Guy
That One Guy
10 months ago

Do use Ice Lance at all or is it just FB spam even with the Fingers of Frost or whatever debuff makes targets act as if they’re frozen (never played a mage before but was thinking about it)

Reply to  That One Guy
7 months ago

FB spam even with Fingers of Frost is more dps, Ice Lance sucks sadly.

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