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Children’s Week is a fairly small, uneventful World Event. During this event you will be tasked with the care and education of your very own orphan. Most of the Achievements offered during this event revolve around you bringing an orphan with you for various tasks, such as daily quests or battlegrounds.

There are a few different orphans available from the various quest chains depending on your faction, but you don’t need a specific orphan for any of the Achievements, so pick your favorite!

Children’s Week lasts from May 2nd until May 9th.

For The Children

Completing For The Children will award the title Matron/Patron, and is required for What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. If you want your Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake, I hope you’re good with kids.

Daily Chores

The children yearn for the mines, so bring your orphan along for some daily quests. Any five daily quests will do, they don’t need to be related to the event.

Home Alone

Use your Hearthstone with your orphan by your side. Poor feller forgot to bring one, so they’re on their own.

You will most likely need to use an actual Hearthstone here. Astral Recall and Ruby Slippers appear not to work, so your Dark Portal most likely won’t either.

Aw, Isn’t It Cute?

Obtain one of the 8 available Children’s Week pets. These are awarded for finishing the daily quest chains available in Orgrimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance, as well as Shattrath and Dalaran for everyone. Each area contains its own quest chain and offers its own unique pets.

childrens week pet lineup

Orgrimmar and Stormwind offer a choice of the following pets:

Shattrath offers a choice of the following pets:

Dalaran offers a choice of either Curious Oracle Hatchling or Curious Wolvar Pup, depending on which orphan you chose.

Hail To The King, Baby

childrens week utgarde pinnacle

Bring your orphan along to Utgarde Pinnacle, and kill King Ymiron with a child by your side. This feels wrong somehow.

This can be done on any difficulty, including Heroic+. Just make sure you have your orphan out!

Bad Example

Everybody knows candy isn’t good for children, so you’re going to have to dive on this grenade to keep them safe! To unlock this, you will need to eat 7 different sweets while your orphan watches. Remember, you’re doing it for their own good.

The treats needed are

Make sure your orphan is watching, otherwise you won’t get credit!

School of Hard Knocks

Bring your orphan with you into Battlegrounds, and perform a few specific tasks with them by your side.

childrens week battleground

In Eye of the Storm you will need to capture the flag. This may prove difficult during this event, as there is only one flag, and a lot of people are going to be after it.

In Arathi Basin you will need to assault a flag. This simply means capturing one of the many bases on the map. This will be an easy one.

In Warsong Gulch you need to return a fallen flag. That requires the person carrying your team’s flag to die, or drop the flag, and for you to right-click it to return it to your base. Everyone will be attempting to do this at the same time, so you will just have to click faster.

In Alterac Valley you will need to assault a tower. This one should be easy, especially with the 35 Death Knights keeping you company there.

This Achievement was previously required for the Meta Achievement, but is no longer a requirement in WotLK Classic.

Veteran Nanny

Acquire Egbert’s Egg, Sleepy Willy, and Elekk Training Collar on the same character. You are only able to get one of these each year, so to get this achievement you had to start before achievements were even added!

This is not a part of the Meta Achievement, so don’t worry if you can’t complete it this year. If you didn’t finish it, make sure you grab one of them this year, because it’ll be a while before your next chance.


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