PvE Holy Priest Healer Gems, Enchants & Consumables

wotlk pve holy priest healer gems, enchants & consumables

Besides your gear and talents, there are 3 additional ways you as a player can increase your character’s power: gems, enchants, and consumables, which make your character significantly more powerful when combined correctly.

Many guilds and raid groups may not invite you at all if you don’t have the correct gems, enchants, and consumables — but worry not, this guide will help you avoid that problem!


The Insightful Earthsiege Diamond is the best choice when it comes to a Meta Gem for a Holy Priest.

Generally speaking, Runed Cardinal Ruby will be the best for all gem slots after you get your meta gem activated, with Purified Dreadstone being the next best to help with mana regen.

Generally speaking, Reckless Ametrine will be your best bet if you’re low on haste, while Luminous Ametrine will be better if you’re running low on mana!

As far as blue gems work, you will want to have at least two Blue Gems in order to trigger your Meta Gem socket bonus. You will want to use Purified Dreadstone or Royal Dreadstone.


This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

If you cannot afford this specific enchantment, the next best thing is the Arcanum of Dominance from Wintergrasp.

This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

You can acquire this enchantment from the Sons of Hodir. Alternatively, if you lack the required reputation in order to purchase it, you can use Lesser Inscription of the Storm.

This is the best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

Alternatively, you can use Springy Arachnoweave after Haste cap, or Lightweave Embroidery if you have Tailoring, as it provides one of the most powerful Spell Power buffs in the entire game.

The best enchantment that you can acquire for this slot.

Alternatively, if you do not have enough gold to purchase the materials needed for it, you can opt-in for Enchant Chest – Super Stats.

There are no better options when it comes to your bracer’s enchantment.

Alternatively, if you have Leatherworking, you can use Fur Lining – Spell Power!

For Holy Priests we can make use of Hyperspeed Accelerators if we have engineering, otherwise Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower is good as well.

The only possible and viable choice for your waist.

This is the best enchantment that you can gain for your legs, however, if you do not have enough gold you can choose Shining Spellthread instead.

Nitro Boosts can be considered one of the strongest escape tools in the game, with the requirement of Engineering 400. Alternatively, you can choose to opt-in for Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit or Tuskarr’s Vitality.

If you chose Enchanting as one of your professions, you can benefit from a unique trait allowing you to enchant your rings.

Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower and Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower are the only enchants we have for our weapons, since our shields scale off Spellpower.


The Flask of the Frost Wyrm is the strongest option for the flask / elixir slot.

Like with enchantments and gems, buffs can be provided by all the different cooked recipes! You will often find Fish Feast or Firecracker Salmon throughout your raiding experiences.

As we don’t really need any other potions, Runic Mana Potion is our best option, as it’ll help our mana out heavily!


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