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For players looking to generate gold for their toon(s) in Northrend, Wrath of the Lich King Daily Quests are a simple and reliable source of income. While professions are superior in terms of gold generation, making money with professions requires a lot more work, and is subject to the whims of the marketplace — and besides, sometimes you want to go kill mobs, not knit sweaters for mages! Daily quests also offer nice rep bonuses, and can often be a very efficient way to grind reputation for factions you want to hit Exalted with.

With that in mind, we’ve created detailed guides for the daily quests in each Northrend zone that offers them. Click a zone below to get information on the daily quests there, including complete walkthroughs for every daily quest. The list also notes what factions you can gain rep with by doing daily quests in that zone.

There are also daily quests that are not specific to a zone. These include profession quests and dungeon quests picked up in Dalaran, as well as the daily quests from the Argent Tournament. All of the daily quests listed below offer rep with the Kirin Tor faction.


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