Ignis the Furnace Master Strategy Guide – Ulduar (25)

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The forge master of Yogg-Saron himself, ignis-the-furnace-master toils at the Colossal Forge, creating and improving the iron armies of Ulduar.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to quench the flames of the forge and the titanic forge master himself.

Role Summaries

  • Stop casting during Flame Jets
  • Make sure you aren’t standing in scorch
  • Position yourself so that you can always reach brittle Iron Constructs
  • Make sure to take special care of the incapacitated players, they will take significant damage every second but receive a big DPS buff if they survive.
  • Tank Ignis close to the water
  • Move the boss from scorch so that your DPS are not at risk
  • Grab Iron Constructs ASAP
  • Bring the adds into scorch. Be careful to not be standing in it yourself.
  • Once the add has the buff molten, bring them into the water.
  • Move away from brittle adds to minimize damage taken
  • Call to the off-tank whenever a Construct spawns
  • Call to the healers whenever a player is incapacitated
  • If the main-tank is poorly positioned during scorch, call for them to reposition
  • Call for ranged DPS to kill brittle Iron Constructs


This fight is fairly simple, being a simple tank and spank for the majority of the group, with the majority of mechanics falling on the off-tank.

Ignis stomps, igniting the ground around him. This deals moderate damage to everyone hit, knocking them up and interrupting spell-casting for 8-seconds. This ability has a 2.7-second cast time. To avoid being interrupted, all casters will need to make sure they are not casting when the cast finishes. You can also use Concentration Aura combined with Aura Mastery to ignore the interrupt portion.

Instant casts are fine and will not be interrupted, as well as 2.7 seconds being more than enough for every caster to finish their current cast.

Ignis charges and grabs a random player, tossing them into the slag pot. This prevents them from attacking Ignis for 10-seconds, as well as dealing Fire damage every second. If they can beat the heat, they will receive 150% bonus haste for 10-seconds after escaping.

Healers will want to make sure whoever is in the pot makes it out alive. Having a dedicated healer for this can be worth considering. Holy Paladins can also use Beacon of Light on a tank and heal the target very easily. You are still able to attack and cast while in the pot.

Ignis channels a jet of flame, dealing Fire damage to everyone in front of him, as well as scorching the ground within 13-yards of himself, dealing constant damage to everyone in it and superheating any iron-constructs affected by it.

The main-tank should drag the boss out of the scorched earth so that all DPS can be in position without standing in the fire. The off-tank will want to drag Iron Constructs into the scorched earth.

Ignis will activate iron-constructs one by one, starting around 20 seconds into the fight. These need to be picked up by an off-tank and brought into the scorched earth created by scorch. While there they will receive a stacking debuff called heat. At 10 stacks of heat, this changes to molten, increasing their attack speed and dealing constant Fire damage to everyone within 7-yards.

molten iron-constructs can be brought to water, changing the debuff to brittle and stunning them for 20-seconds. brittle iron-constructs can be shattered by dealing 5000 or more damage in a single hit to them, dealing massive Physical damage to everyone around them as they die, and removing a stack of strength-of-the-creator from Ignis.

To shatter Iron Constructs, assign a handful of DPS to deal with them. You will want ranged DPS that can easily deal 5000 damage in one hit. Most classes should be able to pull this off, but for some it will take longer than others. Warlocks can easily shatter using Shadow Bolt, but it will take them 2+ seconds. Hunters should be able to shatter with Aimed Shot or Multi-Shot, but it may require a crit. The off-tank themselves may even be able to deal with this, especially if your off-tank is a Frost Death Knight, with Howling Blast dealing significant damage.

For every iron-construct active, Ignis gains a stacking 15% damage increase. This can easily overwhelm raids that aren’t efficiently dealing with the iron-constructs and means that slower raids will need to prioritize shattering them.

Raid Composition & Preparation

This fight has no specific class or spec requirements, and as long as your group can out-heal the damage you should be able to pull through.

You will want 3-6 Healers for this fight.

There are no strict requirements for DPS classes or specs here, you simply want a combination of good raid buffs and debuffs, as well as the best players you can muster.

You will need two tanks for this fight, one main-tank focusing on the boss, and one off-tank focusing on Iron Constructs.

The Pull

Before pulling Ignis, make sure you have cleared the area of trash mobs. Your main-tank will want to pull him close to the pools of water found adjacent to the center of the room. Ranged DPS should be within range of the water, able to shatter Iron Constructs whenever they become brittle.

A Misdirection pull can be very useful here, allowing the tank to already be in position from the start.

ignis pull

The Fight

For most of the raid this is a fairly simple fight. Ignis himself has very few mechanics. At the very start of the fight, the only mechanic to watch out for is flame-jets. When Ignis starts casting this, finish your current cast and start casting instant spells until it is finished.

ignis fighting

Occasionally, Ignis will grab a player and toss them into his slag-pot, incapacitating them and dealing damage every second for 10 seconds. Healers will need to take extra care of that player, keeping them alive. If they manage to survive those 10 seconds, they will receive a major Haste buff when they are released.

The main-tank will have to constantly move around the arena to avoid standing in scorch, or forcing any raid members to stand in it. While avoiding scorch, you will still always want to be within range of water to make positioning easier for everyone.

ignis avoiding scorches

Roughly 20 seconds into the fight, Ignis will begin activating Iron Constructs. Your raid leader should call this out, and the off-tank should pick them up ASAP, bringing them into scorch. If there is no scorch, bring them to Ignis feet in preparation for the next cast.

After an Iron Construct has been in scorch for 10 seconds, receiving 10 stacks of heat total, they will become molten. When a Construct becomes molten, it resets all threat and will deal significantly more damage, as well as pulsing constant fire damage to everyone within 7-yards of the add. The off-tank will have to pick it up immediately to avoid it wreaking havoc on the raid.

If your raid wants to play it a bit safer, the Iron Constructs can be rooted inside scorch using spells like Entangling Roots, this reduces the damage the off-tank takes, relieving some healer pressure. You can also play it even safer by placing healers in the water, so that when the Construct goes molten and resets threat, it will run straight to the healers and be immediately stunned when it touches the water.

ignis guide comfy strat fight
Comfort Strategy

The off-tank should immediately move the add away from the group and into the closest body of water, found on either side of the arena. Once a molten Construct touches water, it will become brittle, stunning it. The off-tank should immediately get away from brittle Constructs, while a ranged DPS uses a hard-hitting attack to shatter the construct. The construct will only shatter if you deal a minimum of 5000 damage in one single hit, so any instant cast burst damage will be good for this.

shattered Iron Constructs will explode, dealing AoE damage to everyone within 10-yards, so make sure the raid keeps their distance.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • The off-tank gets overwhelmed by adds and takes more damage than they can handle
  • The off-tank cannot reestablish threat on molten Contructs, leading to chaos
  • The Iron Constructs are awkwardly positioned, leading to major raid damage
  • The DPS assigned to shattering Iron Constructs is tossed into the slag-pot. Make sure you have a backup!
  • Healers cannot keep the incapacitated player alive through slag-pot, leading to deaths
  • The main-tank fails to reposition the boss effectively between scorches, causing DPS to either die or be unable to DPS effectively


  • The Siege of Ulduar
    • Defeat the bosses of The Siege area in Ulduar. These bosses are Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis the Furnace Master, and XT-002 Deconstructor.
  • Hot Pocket
    • Survive slag-pot for this achievement. There is no way to guarantee that you are the target of this spell, so you will simply have to wait your turn!
  • Shattered
    • shatter 2 Iron Constructs within 5-seconds of each other, and then kill Ignis. Easy enough, simply wait to have 2 Constructs together, place them in scorch together, and take them to the water together.
  • Stokin’ the Furnace
    • Kill Ignis within 4-minutes of pulling him. This will likely not be much of a challenge in Classic, so you’ll simply get this as your raid improves.

Congratulations on defeating Ignis! Make your way straight across to help end the suffering of the furnace master’s latest creation, Razorscale.


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1 year ago

If you have good enough tanks, dps and healer, you can just pull Ignis to water so the scorch will not be a problem at all. Might work much better in 10-man than 25-man though so this one would be much safer unless you’re 100% confident!

1 year ago

I think the pull on this guide needs to be revised.

The position of the raid and the healers is incompatible between the pictures.

In addition, putting the healers behind the tank will cause them to take Scorch as well, since its a cone in front of the boss. Healers cant be too far in the water because they wont reach the raid.

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