PvP Holy Paladin Talents & Builds

wotlk pvp holy paladin talents builds

In this guide we will discuss two builds for the PvP Holy Paladin, both of them being somewhat standard. The only variation between the two will be how we expend a few of our talent points, offering a small benefit to assist a different playstyle.

First Build

The first build is what we call the standard build. It offers strong defensive options both for yourself and your allies. Some of our key defensive talents are Divine Sacrifice, Righteous Fury, Divine Guardian, and Aura Mastery.

Divine Sacrifice will help us offer damage mitigation for our allies in clutch situations, while also providing damage reduction for ourselves through the Divine Guardian talent. This is where Righteous Fury forms a perfect combination, making us particularly tanky.

Aura Mastery works differently for all of our auras, increasing their effects. This one is especially powerful when used in combination with Concentration Aura – it renders us and all the targets affected by Aura Mastery immune to silence and interrupt effects for 6 seconds.

The first build forgoes points from Divine Intellect and Holy Guidance in favor of Sacred Cleansing and Improved Hammer of Justice. The reason for this is the fact that the 30% increased resistance to magic, disease, and poisons far outweigh the improved spell power and intellect. You will not need to spend a GCD in order to cleanse the target and you can use it on the Flash of Light instead, for example.

Improved Hammer of Justice will reduce the cooldown of Hammer of Justice: the more stuns you can land in a PvP encounter, the better are your chances to succeed.

Holy Shock along with the Beacon of Light are essential talents to pick. Holy Shock will be one of the main abilities that you want to spam on cooldown, and the Beacon of Light is simply your way to make sure that both you and your ally receive heals at the same time.


Second Build

The second build works just like the first one, however, we have a few minor differences when it comes to how the points are spent. This build has all the points spent into Divine Intellect and Holy Guidance in favor of a higher mana pool and much higher spell power. But, it lacks the  Sacred Cleansing talent, which will result in the need to use Cleanse more often.

The second build also lacks one of the two points spent into the Improved Hammer of Justice, slightly reducing the number of times you can use Hammer of Justice.



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