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Besides your gear and talents, there are 3 additional ways you as a player can increase your character’s power: gems, enchants, and consumables, which make your character significantly more powerful when combined correctly. Many guilds and raid groups may not invite you at all if you don’t have the correct gems, enchants, and consumables — but worry not, this guide will help you avoid that problem!


Agility is your primary stat by far nothing even comes close to scaling as much for survival as agility does.

Agility is your primary stat and your best scaling stat by far so naturally we will put full agility in our red socket.

Use hit gems like [Rigid Autumn’s Glow] if you cannot get the hit cap off gear alone – preferably you would want to get this off of gear and not waste agility, however! the hit cap is 8% or 263 hit rating. the reason Agility+Crit is not there is because of how much Survival scales with Agility that no socket bonus is gonna best it.


Glinting Ametrine – After Phase 3
GlintingMonarch Topaz

The [enchanted tear] will activate your meta socket as it counts for every of the required color of gem slots. same goes for https://www.wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/49110


All you need is revered with the Knights of Ebon Blade – if you are not, a last-ditch solution is buying a PvP head enchant in Wintergrasp for 40 stone keeper shards called Arcanum of Triumph. This does mean you’ll lose out on 20 crit rating, but it’s better than nothing.

If you don’t quite have the The Sons of Hodir reputation necessary to buy it yet, you can temporarily use Inscription of Triumph, which can be purchased with 30 Stone Keeper’s Shard from Wintergrasp.

If you have the Inscription skill, you can instead use https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/spell/61117

Players with engineering should use Flexweave Underlay. Otherwise, you use the normal enchant [Enchant Cloak Major Agility]. If you’re a tailor, you can instead use https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/spell/55777.

This is your only viable best-in slot enchant. If you’re lacking gold, Super Stats gives +8 to all stats and is a viable replacement option.

Players in the Leatherworking profession should instead use https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/spell/57683. Players with the Blacksmithing profession should use Socket Bracer here for an extra gem slot, as it does not override enchants. gem these with agility of course!

Players with the Blacksmithing profession should use Socket Gloves to add an extra socket to their gloves – it will not override your enchant, as you can use both. gem these with agility of course!

There is no other option for belts.

This is the only viable BiS leg armor enchant.

Alternatively, players with engineering should use [Nitro boosts]. Otherwise, the best (but very expensive enchant) Enchant Boots – Cat’s Swiftness. For a cheaper option, you can just go https://www.wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/38976. Ice walkers are not usually an option unless it literally lets you achieve close to perfect hit rating, then it becomes best in slot.

If you are not an enchanter you can’t put anything on rings.

Since it gives +110AP, https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/44463 is your best option
There is also [Enchant weapon Scourge bane] — it offers +140AP against undead, however this enchant does not scale with your pet while massacre does. It is a great deal cheaper, which makes it worth considering.
Scourge Bane is only viable in Phase 1 (Naxxramas) and Phase 4 (Icecrown Citadel)

This is the only viable scope.


This is your only viable flask option.

At +40 AGI, it’s tons better than taking a bite from that nasty fish feast — and it’s not expensive! https://www.wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/42996 is your only alternative but requires you to be specifically 35 or more away from the hit cap

[Potion of Wild Magic] will actually be better than [Potion of Speed] for hunters in general. Survival minds [Potion of Speed] are the least out of the 3 specs since they do not have a haste steroid. but it is still the inferior option. Your damage early on does not come from steady shots and auto shots, it comes from your big shots and traps. which scale with crit but not with haste.

Therefore, even though it may look like a caster potion at first glance, it fares better. You can use this to pre-pot before combat and use it with cooldowns. Potion of Speed has wider stats and you won’t be frowned upon for using it, by people that don’t play hunter extensively but it is proven worse.

For true min-maxing you can pop flame caps, but this won’t be friendly on your wallet. Instead, you can use Mammoth Treats for your pet and you’re all set.


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You Put a Glove enchant in the feet enchant section. Just so you know 🙂

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