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Your arena team’s comp (short for composition, also known as “setup”, meaning the classes of the team’s members) plays a very big role in whether you’re victorious, or you struggle to win games. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that some comps are simply better than others, and some just won’t work — you won’t get very far in a 2v2 arena team comprised of 2 healers, for example.

This guide lists some of the strongest comps for Survival Hunter in Wrath of the Lich King, in both the 2v2 and 3v3 formats. We will additionally rank these comps based on how powerful they are — but keep in mind that a good player can succeed with a weaker comp.

Comps listed as “best” will generally perform very well and are considered viable at high ratings. “Good” comps can compete at high ratings, but they may require more effort and better communication in order to succeed. “Decent” comps can definitely win games, but they struggle versus stronger comps.


As a Marksmanship Hunter, you have two options when it comes to arenas. You can either pursue an attrition war against your foe, usually done by pairing up with a healer and slowly wearing down your enemy, or you can choose to pair up with a high damage burst class such as a Feral Druid or Retribution Paladin to attempt to obliterate an enemy in a burst combo.

Note: The term “Attrition war” refers to slowly destroying your enemy’s resources and gaining an advantage over them by wearing them down and outlasting them.

As a Marksmanship Hunter, you lack any self-sustain tools, instead relying on your positioning and a large number of utility and crowd control abilities in order to properly survive. This weakness can be resolved by pairing up with a healer.

However, if you do not wish to compensate for your specialization’s weaknesses and rather prefer to instead lean into its strengths, you can choose to instead focus on bursting down a target together with your ally, while making sure that your enemy’s ally is crowd controlled. Keep in mind that choosing this arena team composition relies heavily on coordination between you and your ally — and likely a lot of trial and error — before you can actually learn how to properly one-shot your enemies.

Depending on your tactics, you will likely want to pick a cunning pet such as a Spider or Ravager when choosing to pursue the double DPS tactic. If you choose to pair up with a healer, you will often find that a crab will prove itself to be useful, especially since it is very hard to kill.

Make sure to make the best of your crowd control and utility abilities! You have a large variety of traps and shots in your arsenal that will severely dampen your enemies, do not focus only on damaging your target. You will often find it easier to defeat your opponents if you make sure that one of them is completely hindered.

2v2 Comps




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