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Notable Talents

  • The Beast Within – Reduces your mana cost, increases your damage done, and makes you CC immune to almost everything when popping bestial wrath
  • Beast Mastery – Let’s you spend more talent points on your pet, don’t forget it when taking this talent.
  • Serpent Swiftness – 20% passive ranged attack speed – still is a huge talent just as a comparison it is the same amount of attack speed a troll racial cooldown gives – except it is permanent.

Talent Build

This allocates a lot more DPS to the actual hunter relative to your pet compared to the early build.

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Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs


The best pet available depends completely on the buffs and debuffs you have available. If you’re fully raid buffed, and the boss is nearly fully debuffed, then Devilsaur comes out on top due to their unique monstrous bite ability.

If this is not the case, your best choice is a wolf (just like Marksmanship and Survival), but at least you can camp a spectral version called spectral version of it. She won’t bring the furious howl buff you’re looking for, but her damage abilities make spectral beasts about equal in the hope to bring some spice to the pet variety. These are only tamable by Beast Mastery Hunters!

The rest of the pets, I would personally deem too big of a DPS loss to consider going with, especially as a Beast Mastery Hunter.

Pet Talents

These are good options for your pet talents — if you really want to min-max you can put the point out of Bloodthirsty for a defensive option, however, seeing as pets rarely die in Wrath of the Lich King, I would prefer the QoL of never having to worry about your pet’s happiness mid-fight.



About the Author


I'm Jamie I have played WotLK since launch in 2008, until its demise when the lich died, after Cata and MoP I was done with retail and rekindled that spark in 2015 til 2022. Which means I've spent give or take ~10 years on this expansion alone. I've always played hardcore - going for either realm firsts or higher. I stream on https://www.twitch.tv/jamielolx2 sometimes for 100 hours in a row during Wrath once it releases. Currently playing in Avatar on Earthshaker EU, Knokploeg on Gehennas EU and Instinct on Faerlina-US preparing for another dose of fresh wrath. I've played 28 specs - missing feral and enhancement but have a slight forte towards healers and ranged DPS.
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