Howling Fjord Daily Quests

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There aren’t very many Daily quests in the Howling Fjord, but they are lower level than most of the other daily quests in Northrend, and so can still be worthwhile while you’re grinding the low 70s. Unfortunately for Horde players, there’s only one Daily quest available in this zone. The neutral daily quest here lets you earn reputation with the Kalu’ak, while the two Alliance-only dailies let you gain rep with The Valiance Expedition and the Explorer’s League.

Alliance players can start with the Neutral daily and then head north to the other two dailies — Horde players only have the one daily available.

Walkthrough – Neutral Daily Quest

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Available to Horde & Alliance

To find the quest giver, head to Kamagua, and find Anuniaq on the southern section of the village. Once you’ve got the quest, you’ll need to head south to the waters west of Scalawag Point.

First get to near (29, 74) and collect Tasty Reef Fish from schools with Anuniaq’s Net (provided). Pools of fish can be found west of scalawag point in the little area between the two islands. Simply swim close to one of the schools and right-click your net to collect them. You can collect up to 5 fish from each school, so you will need to pick up at least 1, and probably 2 or more schools worth of fish — shoot to get at least 10 (it’s better to have a few extra than waste them all and not be able to complete the quest). You can also kill the Great Reef Sharkss found in this area, as they also drop the fish you need. Expert fisherman may note that these schools are not trackable with

Once you’ve got the fish you need, head to the bulls near (32, 74.3). At most, it takes about 6-10 of these Tasty Reef Fish to pull a bull towards a cow (which are to the north across the water at (31.5, 71.5)), but it doesn’t have to take that many. You can unequip your weapon, melee attack a bull, and pull it about halfway across the water (more than halfway and it will leash back to its spawn point). Once you’re close to halfway, throw your first fish, and then get 20m away and throw another — repeat until the bull close to a cow. Make sure you’re pulling the bull across a shallow section of water, as if they follow you somewhere deep, they can end up way out of range and you’ll waste a ton of fish pulling them back to the surface.

Once you get them close, the two animals should have hearts over their heads and this will give you credit for the quest. Note that when you turn in the quest, any leftover Tasty Reef Fish will be automatically deleted from your inventory, so don’t bother collecting any extra.

Walkthroughs – Alliance Daily Quests

The two Alliance-only dailies in the Howling Fjord are fairly close to each other; one is found in Westguard Keep, while the other can be picked up just north of the keep at the mouth of the Steel Gate dig site.

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Alliance-only quest

To find the quest giver, head to Westguard Keep, and then continue around the right side of the main castle — the quest giver is hanging out just in front of the zeppelin docks. The zeppelin stays docked for 2 minutes in between trips; you can tell how long is left by talking to the goblin (or waiting for his yell).

questgiver for break the blockade v2
The quest giver as seen from the fountain in the center of Westguard Keep

Once you accept the quest, you’ll need to catch a ride on the zeppelin that stops nearby, and then bomb the pirates and their cannons from the zeppelin. The zeppelin takes a very long trip around the bay and passes multiple ships for you to bomb, so you should be able to complete this quest in one pass. While waiting for the zeppelin (or waiting for it to leave), open your bags and drag the Petrov’s Cluster Bombs into your hot bar to make it easier to spam them.

Breaking the cannons can be a bit of a sticking point if you’re doing it solo. The best way to do it is to aim the center of the firing circle directly at the cannon. Doing so will destroy it in one shot. Aiming between the cannons to try and hit multiples does far less damage and is a waste of time, as you will likely not complete the objective in one pass.

If you group with other people on the boat you can share the credit for quest objectives. This is very worth doing because if you aren’t in a group, it can be tough to get credit for kills — try your best to convince the other players on the zeppelin to group up before the shooting starts.

This is a very easy quest to do each day while you level, and as an added bonus you get to see a pirate bust a move on the mast — who doesn’t want to see that every day?

Alliance-only quest

To unlock this quest, you’ll have to have done a few different quests for the Steel Gate, so you should already be familiar with the flying machine. For this daily, you’re back in the pilot’s seat, and this time you have a machine gun and some rockets. Your goal is to patrol and protect the dig sites (a natural next step as you are now a steel gate ace pilot). The quest giver is found on the southern side of the Steel Gate (not in the pit itself, but near its edge), and once you accept the quest you can hop into one of the nearby Flying Machine.

Once you enter the Flying Machine, you’ll see the gargoyles you need to kill on the minimap as red circles — they’re all over the place, and especially thick flying over the dig site. For highest DPS, open with the rocket (4) and then channel the machine guns (3). You don’t need to face the enemy to hit them! This is a fun, easy quest that takes very little time to do and is essentially free gold and free XP every day while you level in this zone.

We hope this guide on the Daily Quests in Howling Fjord was helpful. If you’ve got any suggestions for improvements, or strategies for the quests you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below!


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