PvP Affliction Warlock Talents & Builds

pvp affliction warlock talents and builds

In this section we will be covering two different builds that Affliction Warlocks can use in Wrath of the Lich King.

When it comes to talent builds, we will have two builds displayed; the first adds a bit more utility while reducing your Felhunter’s potential but adding more slows and a global cooldown (GCD) reduction for your curses and the second being a standard type of build.

Both builds benefit from the Demonology talent tree, having increased health stone effectiveness, increased stamina through Demonic Embrace, and most importantly, the two very quirky talents that will add up to your survivability and adaptability through the fight, Soul Link which transfers 20% of the damage you receive to your summoned demon instead and Fel Domination which is one of your bread-and-butter abilities to adapt to each encounter you are going to face.

Fel Domination allows you to almost instantly summon your demon or change your summoned demon, reducing the cast time to 0.5 seconds when activated in conjunction with Master Summoner, giving you the proper tools to face any threat.

Pandemic is one of your strongest talents, it grants the periodic damage of your Corruption and Unstable Affliction spells the ability to critically hit for 100% increased damage while also increasing the critical strike damage bonus of your Haunt ability by 100%.

Utility Build

The first build is more targeted towards utility due to Curse of Exhaustion adding a powerful slow when combined with Shadowflame. This makes the target almost static, akin to rooted. Also, you will benefit from another slow effect from Fear with the Improved Fear talent. However, it does sacrifice a point from both Shadow Embrace and Improved Felhunter but it does add one point to Death’s Embrace, which will make your execution phase more powerful while also adding some amount of survivability for when you are low on health.

High-End PvP Build

The second build adds more damage to your Curse of Agony, and a second point added to Improved Felhunter while not benefiting from Amplify Curse, but overall the first build is more focused on a late-game type of character with enough haste to remove the need for GCD reduction. Just like the PvE build, Suppression is a must-have in order to have the right amount of hit rating. Grim Reach will allow you to combat classes such as hunters or mages.Improved Howl of Terror is a must-have not only as a panic button but as a powerful multi-target instant crowd control ability that will help you land a powerful crowd control chain effect.


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