Algalon the Observer DPS and Parse Guide


There are little ways to ‘cheese’ damage on Algalon. Instead, any parsing strategy will revolve around dropping tanks and healers in order to secure a faster kill time.

Killing Stars Under

The best, but most difficult strategy, is to drop healers down to a minimum. It has been solo healed by a single Holy Paladin, but due to its inconsistency, I would advise never to run less than two. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to minimize damage taken by timing the death of Collapsing Stars with Big Bang.

This is best accomplished with a Balance Druid using well-timed Insect Swarmss. Ideally, your raids DPS is high enough to only need to kill one set of Starss before reaching Phase 2, so this will only need to be done once. If your raid does not have enough DPS to meet this check, it will make the strategy far more difficult. The second of Stars spawns much closer to Big Bang, so instead of relying on weak DoTs like Insect Swarms, they’ll need to be very actively blown up.

Padding on Stars

Unlike the strategy detailed above, this one will not result in a superior parse for the entire raid. It will, however, allow a few people in your raid to pad their damage by multi dotting the Starss. A hunter can also use Kill Shot to squeeze a bit of extra damage from them as well. It tends to accelerate the rate in which Stars die, which will put a strain on your healers, or wipe the raid. Refer to individual class guides below for an explanation on how to effectively damage the Starss.

Flip your trinkets roughly 30-32 seconds before the boss is engaged to line up trinket Internal Cooldowns properly with Big Bang.

Pre-potting an Indestructible Potion is ideal as the Algalon dialogue will consume over half of the duration of a Potion of Speed

Death Wish should be used as often as possible, and as long as it’s used on the pull and every time it’s off cooldown, it will never sync up with Big Bang

If your raid group isn’t having Starss die while inside the portal for Big Bang, consider going to the portal as late as possible to maintain uptime on the boss. 

Opener: Unstable Affliction > Haunt > Corruption > Curse of Agony

If a warlock in the raid pulls with Shadow Bolt and the fight begins with ISB on Algalon your opener changes to:

Haunt > Corruption > Unstable Affliction > Curse of Agony

Pre-Pot: Potion of Wild Magic (Only able to pre-pot after the first initial pull)

Glove Usage: On Pull, Off CD, and Execute

2min Trinket Usage: On Pull and On Execute (Kill Time Dependent, but able to Use off CD and at execute with any kill slower than 4:45-5:00)

Talents: Default 55/0/16

Quick Decay
Life Tap
Glyph of Haunt

Prior to the pull, place a Demonic Circle in the center near Algalon’s starting position or to the opposite side to which you will be playing. This allows you to quickly avoid any dying Stars and quickly move towards a Black Hole if needed.

Playing near a Black Hole so that you can continue casting until the very last moment prior to Big Bang can help increase your uptime on the boss drastically. However, do this with caution as dying is a greater DPS loss than not squeezing in that one last Shadow Bolt.

There are various strategies used for killing Stars that include utilizing warlock dots and Curse of Doom.

The most optimal parse strategy for Phase 1 is to be able to actively use Corruption and Unstable Affliction on as many Stars as possible in a controlled fashion. This WILL cause your raid to wipe if too many Stars are killed too quickly and without prior acknowledgement.

The Curse of Doom strategy on one Stars will net you very little DPS gained but is still a benefit.

Anytime you are forced to move, look to take advantage of our under-utilized ability: Shadow Ward.

This will keep you healthy from any upcoming Stars damage as well as prevent spell pushback if you absorb all the damage.

As Algalon approaches 25% pre-position yourself away from the 4 Black Holes that spawn at the start of Phase 2. We do not want to be looking to reposition during our execute window, so plan your movement ahead of time.

Infernal is best used with 1-minute time to kill remaining, but don’t forget that the fight ends before he reaches 0% when accounting for time to kill.

Opener: Pre-Cast Shadow Bolt (ISB will be up for your affli warlocks after RP).

Pre-Pot/Second Pot: Wild Magic. Potion of Speed in execute w/ Metamorphosis after a Big Bang.

Metamorphosis: On pull with Bloodlust. Second use in execute after a Big Bang, usually Phase 2.

Gloves Usage: On pull with Metamorphosis. On cooldown afterwards so long as Big Bang is 10 seconds or more away from happening.

Nitro Boots Usage: Whenever you need to move a long distance to a portal or if you are about to die to a Cosmic Smash.

Before the fight even begins feel free to place a Demonic Circle somewhere near the middle of the room.

Most guilds are having a warlock pull the boss with Shadow Bolt to have ISB up on the boss and allow affliction warlocks to Corruption immediately on the pull. If you are doing this strategy, position yourself where the boss will be tanked at so you are in melee range for Immolation Aura when Bloodlust goes out.

After the RP ends throw a couple Shadow Bolts while the boss is being moved, and as soon as Bloodlust goes out, pop all cooldowns.

Most guilds burn down the first Stars, so swap to it when it spawns and only Shadow Bolt it hoping to activate Decimation as it dies.

When you must reapply Corruption on Algalon you will move away from melee (during the GCD) to avoid the first Cosmic Smash.

From here, it is a simple single target rotation on Algalon.

Avoid Cosmic Smash, but just barely.

Whenever you must go down into the downphase is when you will catch up on mana with a couple Life Taps.

Make sure to not use cooldowns right before a Big Bang and, as mentioned above, second Metamorphosis and second potion is to be used in execute right after a Big Bang.

The last major bit of tech you can do on Algalon is Rank 1 Shadow Bolt snipes on Stars’s for Decimation. Do not move or stop casting onto Algalon to reach a snipe target.

Ideally it is a very clean transition to snipe a Stars and then re-casting a Shadow Bolt onto Algalon and finally Soul Fire’s after the Rank 1 Shadow Bolt finally hits the Stars.

Ideal Duration: 240s

The pre-pull:

Drop totems prior to fight where you will tank the boss (not Fire Elemental Totem as we want to snapshot this). Pre-pot wild magic.

Opener and rotation:

  • Perform a standard single-target opener. Snapshot Fire Elemental when spell power is at a max, usually about 8 seconds into the fight.
  • Perform a standard single-target rotation. Adds in P2 of this fight do not count for parsing.
  • Greed Big Bang as long as possible without dying. Use nitro boosts for extra greed time.

Encounter specific notes:

  • A physical set up is best on this boss as there is no cleave as part of the parsing criteria.
  • Ignore the P2 adds and focus on the boss and melee uptime.
  • Optimize your behind boss uptime as boss may move for Cosmic Smash on the tank.
  • You can use shocks and 5 maelstrom procs when running to portals for Big Bang

Cooldown Usage:

  1. Trinket swap at 40 second of the pull timer. This will reset your ICD’s and have them available 5 seconds into the fight which should line up with Bloodlust (adjust if Bloodlust is sooner/later).
  2. I personally don’t pre-pot as I rather have a full duration potion with cooldowns and Bloodlust than less than half of the duration during the opener. If you do save your second potion for a time both trinkets are active and not too close to Big Bang window.
  3. If you get sent down prematurely by being too close to a star after it has been killed, you can use cloak of shadows to be un-phased.
  4. For more uptime, you can cast cloak of shadows after Algalon has cast Big Bang to be unphased up to a second or so faster. Too soon and you will be killed by Big Bang. I suggest a weakauara to track the cast time.
  5. Try spending your energy before entering the portal so you don’t hit energy cap while Big Bang is casting.
  6. Feint will reduce the damage taken by Cosmic Smash AoE and when a Collapsing Star dies helping your healers, similar to Thorim if you see a Collapsing Star dying soon and feint is off cooldown try to make sure you use feint before the star dies.
  7. When moving to dodge Cosmic Smash, make sure when moving and repositioning you aren’t too close as this will cause you to get parried either from being on the side or middle of the hitbox.

Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Mind Flay
Glyph of Dispersion

Opener: Standard

Pre-pot: Potion of Wild Magic

Potion: Potion of Speed

The very first time Algalon is engaged there is too much time after combat starts before he is attackable to benefit from a pre-pot. After he is engaged for a second time and any time afterwards, then you can pre-pot 1 second before he is engaged.

Phase 1: Stars

Perform a standard opener on Algalon as soon as he is attackable and maintain your single-target rotation.

Stars damage counts towards your parse, but a very high parse is still achievable with little to no Stars damage.

Realistically, you can apply Vampiric Touch to each Stars as it is being targeted by your Stars killer with little to no repercussions.

When Algalon is casting Big Bang, try to use your Dispersion 1 second before the cast finishes and immediately cancel it after you take damage so that you can resume your damage rotation.

Constellations do not count for your parse, so ignore them.

Phase 2: Execute

Adds do not count, so ignore them and focus on killing Algalon.

Seal: Seal of Vengeanc

Glyph of Judgement
Glyph of Seal of Vengeance
Glyph of Reckoning

Swap your trinkets and try your best to line them up with wings and as many stacks of Seal of Vengeance as you can.

Depending on your guilds kill time, it may be more beneficial to pop wings very early and not delay your trinkets to get full value out of a 3rd wings usage.

  • Do not use consecration until Algalon is fully stationary and in position.
  • When Big Bang occurs, use your consecration at the last possible second and make sure to plea when you’re down under for mana.

Coming Soon!

The pre-pull:

●   Get into a position where you are fairly certain the first Collapsing Star won’t explode, minimizing movement and maximizing casting uptime. Pre pot right after your warlock throws his Shadow Bolt onto the boss for ISB. If this is the first pull of the raid you have to use a Flame Cap to get any reasonable pre pot usage. Flame Cap is a good choice in either scenario.

Opener and rotation:

●     Perform a standard single-target opener when Algalon activates. Keep an eye out for cosmic smashes while making use of effective movement including boots and blinks.

Encounter specific notes:

●     Only your damage done to Algalon (aside from Collapsing Star) is part of the parsing criteria.

●     blink can be used if you do get knocked up to bring yourself back to the ground quickly and efficiently.

●     Fire Ward can help negate the random fire damage throughout the encounter.

●     While Ice Block will not save you from Bloodlust, it can be used to immune every other source of damage in the encounter. It can also be used to bring yourself back up, if you accidentally find yourself in a black hole early.

Cooldown Usage (assuming 60s P2 duration):

●     Use gloves on engage.

●     Use any on-use trinkets

●     Use Combustion and apply Living Bomb

●     Refreshing Living Bomb and/or ignite as much as possible before getting into the Black Hole for Big Bang. Just be cautious of the hole being closed early and being left out to die.

Lay an Explosive Trap 25 seconds before Algalon engages. Communicate with your tank to ensure that he drags the boss over your trap. Black Arrow when the fight starts.

  • Get a Collapsing Stars weakaura to track their health, and try and Kill Shot each Collapsing Stars as they die. Make sure that your star killer is aware of this.
  • Greed Big Bang casts by moving into the Black Hole at the last possible moment.
  • It is better to favor the center of the arena, since Collapsing Stars are prone to wander to the edges.

Glyph of Insect Swarm
Glyph of Starfall
Glyph of Starfire

Pre-pot: Potion of Wild Magic

Potion: Potion of Speed

Opener: Standard

The very first time Algalon is engaged there is too much time after combat starts before he is attackable to benefit from a pre-pot. After he is engaged for a second time and any time afterwards, then you can pre-pot 1 second before he is engaged.

Phase 1: Stars
Perform a standard opener on Algalon as soon as he is attackable and maintain your single-target rotation.

Stars damage counts towards your parse, but a very high parse is still achievable with little to no Stars damage.

Use Starfall responsibly. If Glyph of Focus is used, then you can position yourself to hit only Algalon.

Position yourself closer to black holes, whenever movement is necessary, so that you can greed as much damage onto Algalon before going under to avoid Big Bang.

Constellations do not count for your parse, so ignore them.

Phase 2: Execute
Adds do not count, so ignore them and focus on killing Algalon.


Algalon is a very advanced encounter. There’s several mechanics to be respected, strict positioning rules, and tight timings to be met.

Mechanics Briefing

  1. Stars – Use Barkskin during their deaths to minimize damage.
  2. Cosmic Smash – Avoid these, if hit use Feral Charge – Cat while midair.
  3. Big Bang – Due to our mobility, we can be greedy with this mechanic. Ensure Rip maintains uptime before entering the Dark Realm. When exiting, be exactly where Algalon is and begin dealing damage again.
  4. Unleashed Dark Matter – Ignore these and keep hitting Algalon.

Pre-Pull Checklist

The Encounter
Do a single-target Berserking opener and rotation.

It’s crucial that you’re maximizing your behind boss melee range uptime.

Be wary of accidentally entering the Dark Realm because of Stars deaths and play semi zoomed in to quickly visually assess Cosmic Smash.

All melee should be stacked on one leg with a shot caller for when to move for Cosmic Smash.

Parsing on Algalon is a combination of rotational cleanliness, boss kill time, high boss uptime, and raid survivability. Ideally, utilize your Innervate while traveling to enter a black hole. If you must cast Rebirth, try and cast it with Predator’s Swiftness to minimize downtime.

Glyph of the Ghoul
Glyph of Death and Decay
Glyph of Dark Death

Encounter notes:

  • Can prepot this, but with the role-play in the opener we don’t get much use out of that prepot. I’ve had more success just using one potion in the opener even though we get two Gargoyles.
  • Swap back to unholy presence for the second Gargoyle
  • Pop Anti Magic Shell for each Collapsing Stars that it will be up for. Free Runic power.


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