PvP Discipline Priest Guide

wotlk pvp discipline priest guide

Welcome to the Discipline Priest PvP, Wrath of the Lich King guide! Discipline Priests are one of the strongest healing specializations in the entire expansion, offering strong heals, absorption effects, utility, and crowd control! They have access to a large variety of spells, allowing them to have an answer to almost any situation that might endanger their allies.

Some members of the clergy, in their pure devotion towards the Light, undergo extreme trials to attain higher power. Through harsh and rigorous training, these clerics learn to channel the power of the Light together with their newfound willpower to both bless their allies with strong magic and impede their enemies with harrowing spells.

Discipline Priest is considered one of the strongest healing specializations in Wrath of the Lich King for Player-versus-Player encounters, found both at low and high rankings alike. When played properly, a Discipline Priest can quickly address any challenge with their sheer number of utility and crowd control abilities. Their overpowered absorption effects will surely bring frustration to any enemy that attempts to murder the Priest or their allies.

Discipline Priest Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Overpowered Healing/Absorption Effects
    Discipline Priest has the most powerful absorption effects in the entire game, allowing them to prevent large amounts of damage. They achieve this through effects like Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis, and Borrowed Time. They also have access to a large variety of healing spells, each of them powerful in its own right! The epitome of their healing prowess is represented by Penance.
  • Extremely Powerful Utility
    Discipline Priests have access to a large variety of utility spells, ranging from increased stamina, increased spirit, increased shadow resistance, fear ward, and disease removal, all the way to extremely powerful effects such as Pain Suppression, Mass Dispel, and Power Infusion. Their kit is filled with responses to any type of situation!
  • Large Variety of Offensive Tools/Crowd Control Tools
    While Discipline Priests are masters of healing and protecting, they also have access to many abilities that allow them to support their allies with damaging abilities and crowd control! Some of their most powerful offensive tools are Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain, Holy Fire, Holy Nova, and the beloved Mana Burn. Their main crowd control abilities revolve around fearing their enemies with Psychic Screams, breaking their minds and then turning them into puppets with Mind Control.


  • Mana-Hungry specialization
    One of the biggest weaknesses of the Discipline Priest is their mana management. We have talents that aid us with this problem, however, spamming our abilities mindlessly will leave us without our precious mana extremely fast.
  • Hard to Master
    Discipline Priests generally have an answer to any type of mechanic thrown their way. However, due to their large number of spells, you might get confused which one is the best for a specific situation. Unlike a class like Holy Paladin, the Discipline Priest is not a single-button masher. This can be quite beneficial but quite stressful and confusing, especially in situations where you require a very fast reaction time.
  • Weaker against Physical Damage Dealers
    While Discipline Priest is a very resilient specialization against spell casters and hybrid damage dealers because of their Spell Warding effect, it is very weak against physical damage dealers, since it uses cloth armor.


We hope this guide helped you decide if PvP Discipline Priest is the class/spec for you. Make sure to check out our other sections, such as talents, gear, gems etc., to get more information on how to improve your performance as a Discipline Priest in WotLK!


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