PvE Restoration Druid Addons & Macros

pve restoration druid addons & macros

Beyond directly making your character stronger through talents, equipment, enchants, etc., there are 2 more things you can use in order to improve your performance as a player: Addons & Macros. It cannot be understated how much of an impact they can have on your gameplay — increasing your DPS or healing by a large percentage, preventing you from dying, etc. You will need the best Addons & Macros to be the best Restoration Druid you can be!

Restoration Druids do not require many addons to be optimal. However, you can use a few addons to improve your overall quality-of-life. Those macros will help you track your own buffs and procs better while also helping you identify debuffs faster on your U.I.



  • DeadlyBossMods – Allows you to track boss abilities. A must-have for raiding.
  • Details – Shows you how much damage, healing, etc everyone in your raid is doing. This will help you track your performance and improve your gameplay.
  • Healbot – A well-known and standard addon for “Healers”. It allows you to customize your raid/party U.I. to track any effects present on the target. This addon will prove extremely useful for maximizing your performance.


WeakAuras is a versatile addon with almost limitless possibilities. It allows you to install mini-addons created by other players, which are confusingly also called “WeakAuras”, in order to perform specific tasks, such as tracking the cooldown of a spell, having a visual or audio notification when something procs, giving you a warning when a boss uses an ability, etc. You can find WeakAuras that suit your needs on wago.io. It’s strongly recommended that you use WeakAuras; they’re a huge quality-of-life boost.

Restoration Druids do not have many procs to keep track of, however, you may find it useful to track your Omen of Clarity proc along with your trinket procs. You can also use WeakAuras to create visual or audio notifications for your HoTs. The possibilities here are endless in regards to customization!



Restoration Druids don’t need to use many unique macros. The main one you want to always have is a macro to combine Nature’s Swiftness and Healing Touch, saving you precious time whenever you use it.

Outside of that, ideally, as a healer, you will want to use “mouseover” macros for almost everything you do. Mouseover macros make your spells cast at the target your mouse is hovering over, as opposed to your actual target. Using these means you don’t have to retarget for every heal, and, as a Restoration Druid, we would have to retarget a lot to blanket the raid with HoT spells. This also means you can keep the boss targeted, letting you always see what they are doing at any given time.

The macro below is a mouseover template macro, ready to be filled with whatever you want. Simply replace “SPELLNAME” with your spell of choice, for example, Rejuvenation. This macro will attempt to cast that spell on your mouseover target if they are friendly and if they are alive. If these requirements aren’t fulfilled, it will simply try to heal your target as it would by default, without the macro.

#showtooltip SPELLNAME
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][] SPELLNAME

Instant Healing Touch On Mouseover

This macro stops your current cast, casts Nature’s Swiftness, and then casts Healing Touch on your current mouseover target, or your regular target if you don’t have a valid mouseover target.

#showtooltip Nature's Swiftness
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Healing Touch

Sticky Tree of Life

Adding ! before a spell name in a macro removes the toggle part of the spell. For example, pressing Tree of Life twice will usually cast Tree of Life and then cancel Tree of Life. This macro makes it so that pressing it will only cast Tree of Life, not cancel Tree of Life no matter how many times you press it. This is good for people that tend to spam their keys a lot.

/cast !Tree of Life

Instant Dash

This macro will instantly put you in Cat Form and cast Dash.

#showtooltip Dash
/cancelform [noform:3]
/cast [noform:3] Cat Form
/cast Dash

Instant Stealth

This macro will instantly put you in Cat Form and cast Prowl. Keep in mind that you can’t use this macro while in combat!

#showtooltip Prowl
/cancelform [noform:3]
/cast [noform:3] Cat Form
/cast !Prowl


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