wotlk pve holy paladin talents & builds
  • Author: Nevermore
  • Date: September 25, 2021
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

When it comes down to talents, the Holy Paladin has two known builds: the Holy Light build (HL) and the Flash of Light build (FoL). The Holy light build is known to be the superior one, especially when it comes down to raiding in patch 3.3.5. Even so, the Holy light build has been outshining the Flash of Light build even in the previous patches, with the Flash of Light build being strong in the beginning of the expansion, and mostly used in the early patches for dungeons and seldomly seen in raids such as Naxxramas.

We will be listing both builds as a comparison between the two, but we must mention again that the Flash of Light build is oftentimes inferior.

The Holy Light build does exactly what is implied, uses Holy Light, while this may seem like stating the obvious, the build itself provides a massive area-of-effect healing besides the single-target healing and a very large amount of utility through different talents.

Firstly, we have massive utility through the use of Divine Sacrifice, often known as “DSEC”, a cooldown which reduces all the incoming damage by 30% to all the party members within 30 yards and it can be improved by the Divine Guardian talent in order to extend it to the entire raid. This buff, alongside Aura Mastery, provides massive mitigation for all of your allies and can save the entire raid when a dangerous ability is headed towards it.

Guardian’s Favor is another talent that provides huge utility, allowing you to perform your Hand of Protection more often and it also improves the duration of Hand of Freedom.

The Holy Light build benefits a huge deal from Light’s Grace, allowing it to be fully spammed. While some may think that Holy Light has too long of a cast time, the proper haste combined with this talent will mitigate the problem entirely.

While Flash of Light will benefit more from your talents like Infusion of Light, it’s important to remember that the pure amount healed by Holy Light is significantly higher and also benefits a greater deal from critical strike effects from your talents. This will entirely overpower any healing brought by the FoL build.

Holy Shock should always be used on cooldown due to the empowering effects it offers alongside the instant cast heal, which will make your Holy Light even stronger.

The Holy Paladin is considered one of the best solo target healers in the game, but once you take into account the Holy Light Build, the Glyph of Holy Light transforms our strong solo target healer into a powerhouse of AoE healing. It is worth mentioning that both builds provide somewhat of an AoE healing through the use of Judgement of Light but the sheer amount brought alongside by the Glyph of Holy Light simply overpowers any capability brought by any other build than the HL build.

We must also mention one of the strongest advantages of the Holy Light Build and a pure necessity of the build is the utility of the Glyph of Holy Light. This glyph provides us with insane amounts of AoE-healing based on the high amount of heals provided by Holy Light.

The Flash of Light build, while at first glance may look good because of the talents spent in Benediction for the reduced cost of all instant spells and Conviction for the increased critical chance, brings no special utility whatsoever compared to the Holy Light build.

One of the biggest downsides of the Flash of Light build is the fact that it lacks in area-of-effect capabilities, with no use of Holy Light and the Glyph of Holy Light. The build relies entirely upon Judgement of Light and Beacon of Light for any sort of area-of-effect healing.

The lack of Divine Sacrifice and Divine Guardian reduces overall survivability by a huge margin and could prove fatal in encounters where a one-shot mechanic is present.

The Flash of Light spell in itself has lower scaling with spell power than Holy Light. While its fast cast-time might sound like you can cast it two or three times instead of one big Holy Light, do remember that once you hit the haste soft cap of 647 it becomes entirely useless. Apart from the increased critical strike rating offered by Conviction, the build itself brings no other special effects that the Holy Light build does not offer.


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Hey there folks, I am Nevermore and have been deeply passionate about WoW for more than a decade. Whether we talk about the hidden mysteries of Azeroth or the otherworldly Outland, my journey brought me here to share the things that I have experienced with you all.
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5 months ago

I feel Imp LoH is so situational. Almost always you should never have to rely on it and if you do it shouldn’t be more often then 15min. The 20% damage reduction is decent I admit, but I really feel you are much better investing these points into improved devotion. 6% additional raw healing and gives 50% more armor from devo, which probably mitigates more dmg overall throughout the course of a fight. Not only that but it frees your actual protection paladin to sink those points into something else like reckoning or guardian’s favor, which if your min/maxing dps taking every bit of threat is helpful. Just my 0.02¢

7 months ago

my tbc server died and they wouldn’t offer any free server transfers so i’m playing private woltk ty for ur list

Absallom the Corrupted
Absallom the Corrupted
4 months ago

Thank for yor guide,
On the holy light spec talents
I traded Enlightenment for Improved Devotion Aura plz tell what do you think.

2 months ago

Improved devo aura doesnt stack w tree of life, iirc. And tree has 100 yard range effect.

Last edited 2 months ago by swoggie
2 months ago

could i get talent guide for 3.3.5 but going through TBC? my wotlk private server just started TBC and i dont think i get any instant cast spells as holy

2 months ago

Why would you waste points in toughness? Improved Righteous Fury with the 6% damage reduction with raid wall (Divine Sacrifice) The threat you gen will not be enough to pull off of a tank, and it is by far more useful in every single situation. You are a bloody pally you have blessing of freedom if you ever need to move which is what Sindragosa? Never say a pally doing hard modes take toughness over IRF.

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