Engineering Guide 1 450 WotLK 3.3.5a
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: October 24, 2019
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

For as long as WoW has been out, Engineering has been one of its’ most interesting professions. Engineers specialize in creating small, useful gadgets as well as ammunition and even mounts. Each of these can be, and often are, sold on the AH or banked by a player’s guild to better equip characters at all stages of the game. At each tier, the explosives and equipment you can make as an Engineer can be useful to level, and in the endgame, you’ll be able to create some of the most valuable additions to a raid.

In WotLK, one of the major emphases in pre-raid Engineering is on ammunition and ranged weapons. All engineers are able to craft Saronite Razorheads and Mammoth Cutters as well as  the Armor Plated Combat Shotgun and the Nesingwary 4000 once they cap. Within Engineering there are two specializations — Gnomish and Goblin — which enable you to create, among other things, Iceblade Arrow and Shatter Rounds, respectively, at 450. Regardless of specialization, you’ll also be able to make an Epic Helmet like Armored Titanium Goggles, Greensight Gogs, Visage Liquification Goggles, or Weakness Spectralizers.

In addition to gear, Engineers in WotLK can create a slew of useful items. For personal use, Blizzard has added Mekgineer’s Chopper and Mechano-Hog onto the Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine mounts available from TBC. These new ground mounts are BoE, meaning they can be sold on the AH or crafted for people who bring you the mats directly. This category of items also includes two robot companions that can benefit groups greatly: Jeeves and Moll-E. While Moll-E is only a mailbox (which is useful in its own right), Jeeves is a full-on vendor with repair capabilities. This makes him incredibly helpful in dungeons, raids, or while questing away from supply vendors and potential repair spots.

Players who choose Engineering often pair it with Mining as their gathering profession in order to gather the materials necessary to level. Otherwise, the cost can become overwhelming as you get closer to capping. At all levels, Engineers are also able to Salvage, which allows them to loot Mechanical corpses for parts in a manner similar to Skinning.

Training Engineering

Like all professions, leveling Engineering is entirely doable while you quest and level your character normally. If you choose to take up Mining, ore nodes will appear in level appropriate areas, and the damage caused by explosives will be relatively proportional to mobs’ health. Because of this, Old World and Outland trainers are listed below.

Ultimately, however, this is a power leveling guide, and it will cover the fastest, most cost-effective way to reach 450. If you are training with access to Dalaran, you should find Timofey Oshenko in the Magus Commerce Exchange. Along with other Northrend trainers, he’ll be able to teach you all Vanilla and TBC recipes. His proximity to the AH is also invaluable for getting any additional materials you may need or selling what you’ve created.

Old World

In patch 2.3 ,Blizzard gave all trainers in the Old World the ability to train up to Artisan, so the choice of what city you start in is yours. If you are interested in specializing after reaching skill 200 and level 30, check out the section below and pick your city accordingly.


When you cross through the Dark Portal, Master Engineering Trainers will be in the first area your faction quests in. For Alliance that means going to Honor Hold and finding Lebowski. Zebig at Thrallmar will do the same for the Horde. Unlike most other professions in TBC, the neutral trainer for Engineering is in Netherstorm, not Shattrath. If you are questing and leveling concurrently, Xyrol in Area 52 will be your next stop. As you finish up the Master tier, all players will need to visit Shattrath, however, to purchase Schematic: White Smoke Flare from Wind Trader Lathrai in Lower City.


Just like in Outland, Northrend Grand Master trainers will be in each faction’s starting area. At Warsong Hold, the Horde will need to speak with Chief Engineer Leveny, while at Valiance Keep the Alliance will need to find Sock Brightbolt. Once you reach Dalaran, all engineers can train with Timofey Oshenko in the Magus Commerce Exchange. There are also two specialized trainers in Dalaran: Findle Whistlesteam for Gnomish and Didi the Wrench for Goblin. Outside of the capital, all players can also find Binkie Brightgear at the Argent Tournament Grounds.


In Vanilla, Blizzard created the two branches of Engineering specialization: Gnomish and Goblin. Gnomish was originally focused more on creating small inventions, and Goblin emphasized volatile explosives. As time has gone on, however, the importance of choosing one path has diminished, and in WotLK, the choice can really be divided into whether you’d like to make Shatter Rounds with Goblin or Iceblade Arrow with Gnomish.

To become a Gnomish Engineer, all players will need to find Oglethorpe Obnoticus and complete Show Your Work. The Goblin Engineer quest chain begins with Nixx Sprocketspring and ends with the other version of Show Your Work.

In 3.2, Blizzard also added the ability for Engineers of any specialization to visit Narain Soothfancy at Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris and pay 150 gold to switch their choice.

Required Materials

* = Optional material, depending on choice

Old World



Leveling Engineering


1 – 30: Rough Blasting Powder


1 – 20: Rough Blasting Powder

21 – 30: Rough Dynamite

30 – 50: Handful of Copper Bolts

Visit the trainer and learn Journeyman Engineering.

50 – 51: Arclight Spanner

51 – 75: Copper Tube

75 – 90: Coarse Blasting Powder


75 – 85: Coarse Blasting Powder

85 – 90: Coarse Dynamite

90 – 100: Copper Modulator

Between 110 and 125, you have a decision on what items to make, but you have to finish whichever path you start as the materials for each step are used in subsequent ones. The choice ultimately comes down to the availability or price of Silver Ore vs. Moss Agate.

100 – 110: Silver Contact

110 – 120: Bronze Tube

120 – 125: Large Copper Bomb 


100 – 105: Practice Lock

105 – 120: Bronze Tube

120 – 125: Standard Scope

Regardless of what choice you make, at 125 you can train up to Expert.

125 – 150: Heavy Blasting Powder

150 – 155: Bronze Framework

155 – 175: Explosive Sheep

175 – 176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor

  • Convert Steel Bar into Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor.

176 – 195: Solid Blasting Powder

195 – 200: Mithril Tube

200 – 210: Unstable Trigger

After you finish making these Triggers, return to your trainer and learn Artisan. 

210 – 225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs

225 – 235: Mithril Casing

235 – 245: Hi-Explosive Bomb

245 – 250: Mithril Gyro-Shot

250 – 260: Dense Blasting Powder

260 – 280: Thorium Widget

280 – 285: Thorium Tube

At 285, you can cross into Outland and learn Master Engineering. You’ll still have one more Old World recipe to make, but going to Hellfire Peninsula will let you continue leveling seamlessly. 

285 – 300: Thorium Shells


300 – 310: Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

310 – 320: Fel Iron Casing

Between 320 and 325, you’ll also have another choice. If you have an excess of Bolts and Casings, Fel Iron Musket might be the best option to make. You’ll have to purchase Heavy Stock from a Trade Supplies vendor, however. If you have excess Blasting Powder, Fel Iron Bomb could be a better choice, but watch out because you’ll still need more afterwards. This is also a good point to purchase Schematic: White Smoke Flare from Wind Trader Lathrai in Lower City.

320 – 325: Fel Iron Bomb


320 – 325: Fel Iron Musket

325 – 335: Adamantite Grenade

335 – 350: White Smoke Flare

After you finish making the flares, you can go to Northrend and become a Grand Master.


350 – 370: Handful of Cobalt Bolts 

Northrend offers more choices in how to level your Engineering. Your first one, between 370 and 385, looks obvious but requires close consideration. If you choose to make Volatile Blasting Trigger and Overcharged Capacitor only, there is a chance it could take less bars than if you were to also make Hammer Pick, but the Capacitor recipe goes green at a lower level than the pick. So, if you don’t make the Hammer Pick, there’s a chance you could end up using more bars than you would if you had just chosen to initially.

370 – 377: Volatile Blasting Trigger

378 – 385: Overcharged Capacitor


370 – 375: Volatile Blasting Trigger

375 – 380: Overcharged Capacitor

380 – 385: Hammer Pick

385 – 390: Explosive Decoy

390 – 400: Froststeel Tube

400 – 405: Diamond-cut Refractor Scope

405 – 410: Box of Bombs

410 – 415: Mammoth Cutters

415 – 425: Saronite Razorheads

425 – 430: Mechanized Snow Goggles

430 – 435: Noise Machine

435 – 448: Gnomish Army Knife

This recipe goes green during his step, so you’ll have to make more than 13. The 25x advised in the materials list is to be safe, but buy each of these from a Trade Supplies Vendor in small stacks as you approach 448 just so you don’t purchase too many extra.

These next two steps are the only pre-450 recipes in WotLK that will stay Orange until you cap, so even though you are able to make them earlier, it’s best to save them until your final 2 levels.

448 – 449: Wormhole Generator: Northrend

For your final level, you’ll make your Epic Engineering helmet. All the options are listed below and require different combinations of Eternal elements and Rare gems. These can be purchased, mined, or converted by an Alchemist. The only constant materials between these pieces are Titanium Bar, Heavy Borean Leather, and Frozen Orb, all of which have been accounted for in the materials list. The decision and remaining materials are up to you.

449 – 450: Any Epic Helmet

Endgame Engineering

In the endgame, Engineering makes BiS ammo and scopes as well as pre-raiding BiS ranged weapons. All Engineers are able to make the Heartseeker Scope, Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, and the Nesingwary 4000. Iceblade Arrow are restricted to Gnomish Engineers and can be learned from Findle Whistlesteam in Dalaran; Shatter Rounds are made by Goblin Engineers and are learned from Didi the Wrench.

In addition to these, Engineers can make the two new motorcycle ground mounts. Each recipe is able for purchase after reaching Exalted rep with your faction’s Northrend contingent. To get Schematic: Mechano-Hog, players will need to become Exalted with the Horde Expedition, and to learn Schematic: Mekgineer’s Chopper, players will need to earn Exalted with the Alliance Vanguard.All Engineers also have the opportunity to learn Schematic: Jeeves. This BoP recipe has the highest drop chance from Salvaging the Mechanical mobs in Ulduar, but it can also be found on other mechs throughout Northrend. Jeeves is incredibly useful while completing dungeons, raids, or during any type of extended farming, and it becomes an immensely valuable part of any Engineer’s toolkit.


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1 year ago

This is the absolute best Engineering guide for WoTLK 3.3.5a. Without a doubt. Thank you!!

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1 month ago

had to go buy more mats for a majority of the recipes, poorly put together

6 months ago

would change few stuff for 310-325,but no doubt thats pretty good guide on warmane it takes around 2k gold to get to 430, so its pretty cheap.
well done

2 months ago

The values this guide shows for materials needed are far less than the amounts needed in TBC classic. Does the amount of materials needed to level profs drastically reduce in wotlk or are these values incorrect?

10 months ago

This guide helped me so much thanks

10 months ago

Thank you Věry much

6 days ago

Literally shit guide… 380 Saronite bars… you need that just for the one thing of Gnomish Army Knives… don’t put a guide together based on if all the green lvl crap you suggest is gonna give a point even 75% of the time… half the guide is making green tier crap

Your mom
Your mom
6 months ago

Fel Iron toolbox is much better than fel iron musket
Golden power cores are much better to produce
Iron struts

This guide is awful

Reply to  Your mom
2 months ago

And I got to 450 only to find u have to get icc rep to buy the damn arrow pattern inside of icc….Had I known i wouldnt have wasted my time

Jagoda Kuridzic
Jagoda Kuridzic
Reply to  Johnny
29 days ago

You need engi anyways best proffesion

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