pve lich king affliction warlock stat priority
  • Author: Nevermore
  • Date: October 26, 2021
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

In this section we will be covering the ideal prioritization for our stats as an Affliction Warlock in Wrath of the Lich King, with a more detailed explanation below.

  1. Hit Rating
  2. Spell Power
  3. Haste
  4. Critical Strike Chance
  5. Spirit

Hit Rating – Hit rating is the first stat you should think about, and the hit rating cap for spell casters is 17%. This being said, though, you do not have to reach the hit cap on your own, especially due to the fact that we also benefit from Suppression which effectively offers us a 3% hit chance increase. The hit chance you should aim for is 12% from gear and enchantments, without taking into consideration Suppression and the buffs from other classes.

Spell Power – Spell power is one of the most important stats for a caster as it offers us increased damage for our spells. This being said, we gain spell power both from our gear and from our gems, as well. The more spell power you acquire, the more damage you will deal.

Haste – Affliction is a specialization that abuses the haste stat and this means that the more haste you acquire, the faster your dots tick and the faster you will be able to spam your filler spell. You should aim for 1300 haste rating without taking into consideration raid buffs such as Bloodlust/Heroism, Wrath of Air Totem, or personal buffs such as Eradication.

Critical Strike Chance – Critical Strike Chance plays a big role for the Affliction Warlock, especially considering the fact that after haste, critical strike chance will directly impact our dots with the help of our Pandemic talent. Just like haste, the more you can acquire, the better.

Spirit – Although Spirit might not seem like a stat that a Warlock should worry about, it actually affects your overall spell power through two different effects: Glyph of Life Tap, being one of our main choices, every time we cast Life Tap we gain 20% of our Spirit turned into Spell power and secondly, the main demonic armor that we will use will be Fel Armor. This spell turns 30% of our Spirit into raw Spell power.


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