Lord Jaraxxus Strategy Guide – ToC (25)


Grand Warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang arrogantly attempts to summon and bind a demon far beyond his capabilities. The mighty Eredar Lord Jaraxxus appears from the warlock’s portal and effortlessly dispatches his summoner. In an unexpected turn of events, it is up to you to take control of the disaster and vanquish Jaraxxus back to the Twisting Nether!

Role Summaries


Deals a large amount of fire damage to the tank. This cast is interruptible, so assign a melee DPS or Death Knight or Warrior tank to interrupt this. If a cast goes off, be sure to dispel the tank quickly to remove the DOT effect it leaves.

Lord Jaraxxus will frequently cast Fel Lightning on a random player and chain to all nearby players. For this reason, it is recommended to spread out around the arena to mitigate this.

A buff placed on Lord Jaraxxus that increases his damage done. A mage can use Spellsteal to dispel this, as well as get a sizeable damage increase.

A debuff applied to a random player that puts a healing absorb bubble on them. This player must be spam healed until the absorb bubble is removed or else they will explode causing massive raid damage.

A debuff applied to a random, non-tank player that spawns flames every 2 seconds at the players feet. Move away from other players when you get this debuff and stay mobile to avoid taking ticks of the fire.

At the 60 and 180 second mark, Lord Jaraxxus will summon a Nether Portal. On normal mode, this is merely a visual indicator that a Mistress of Pain will be spawning shortly. Prepare to switch to the Mistress of Pain and kill her as quickly as possible.

On the Heroic version of the encounter, Nether Portal is attackable and will continually spawn a Mistress of Pain every 8 seconds. Have your raid swap to the Nether Portalbefore attacking the Mistress of Pain. Your goal should be to only spawn a single Mistress of Pain, but do not panic if you spawn two.

The Mistress of Pain only has one notable ability, Mistress Kiss. This can be easily mitigated by having two Paladins use Aura Mastery + Concentration Aura back to back. So long as Aura Mastery is active you will not be interrupted making this mechanic entirely ignorable.

At 120, 240 and 300 seconds in the fight, Lord Jaraxxus will spawn an Infernal Volcano. On Normal difficulty, these are not attackable and will summon three Fellflame Infernals. On Heroic difficulty, the Infernal Volcano will need to be DPS’d down, as it will continually spawn Fellflame Infernals that will need to be killed.

Raid Composition & Preparation

This fight can be solo healed, but it is advisable to bring 2-5 healers. Holy Paladins are particularly effective at healing Incinerate Flesh targets. Discipline Priests and Restoration Shaman will be strong at healing through the Fellflame Infernals raid damage.

You will want to bring a balanced DPS composition. At least one, but preferably two mages are ideal to Spellsteal the Nether Power buff.

This fight can be done with one or two tanks. Any combination of tanks will do, but Death Knights and Protection Paladins are best.

Death Knights can interrupt Fel Fireball, generate excellent snap threat on the Mistress of Pain and mitigate lots of magic damage with Anti-Magic Shell.

Protection Paladins are powerful versus Fellflame Infernals as they can taunt the adds more than any other class. They bring another Divine Sacrifice which can be vital while Fellflame Infernals are active. Prot Paladins also output significantly more DPS than the other tanks, which can be helpful when trying to cut out Mistress of Pain and Fellflame Infernal spawns.

Heroic Mode

Like every Trial of The Crusader boss, Lord Jaraxxus health has been increased by 30% in the Heroic version. The Normal and Heroic versions of Lord Jaraxxus are very similar. The primary difference being that Nether Portal and Infernal Volcano are attackable, and will need to be killed before they summon too many Mistress of Pain or Fellflame Infernals, respectively. This DPS check can be challenging and all players will need to swap to these priority targets to prevent being overrun with adds.

The Pull

After a lengthy RP, Lord Jaraxxus will become attackable. Your tank should be standing on top of the boss ready to pick him up immediately. Melee should be a few steps back to avoid getting 1-shot the moment Lord Jaraxxus becomes active.


Have your ranged DPS and healers spread evenly around the room, as depicted in the image below.

image 2

Alternatively, you can have all of your ranged DPS stack on a single location. Be warned that this positioning will present its own unique challenges and will make the fight harder to heal.

image 3

Using the alternative positioning will bolster your raids DPS in two ways:

  1. Movement will be dramatically reduced as both the Nether Portal and Infernal Volcano will be in range of casters at all times.
  2. Melee will get more uptime on the bosses back, resulting in less parries. Lord Jaraxxus likes to spin around to face the player he is casting Fel Fireball, Incinerate Flesh or Legion Flames on. If the majority of the raid is in front of the boss, he will turn dramatically less.

Using the alternative positioning will make the fight more difficult in two ways:

  1. Ranged DPS & healers will be always chain Fel Lightning to one another. However, AoE heals such as Chain Heal, Glyph of Holy Light and Circle of Healing will be significantly more powerful.
  2. Ranged DPS & healers effected by Legion Flames must react very quickly. If they fail to move out of the stack in time they will spawn fire on the raid, causing massive raid damage and forcing everyone to move.

If you do not trust your players to react to Legion Flames in time, or your healers to keep up with Fel Lightning damage, I would recommend the standard positioning.

The Fight

The Lord Jaraxxus encounter is very scripted with little room for innovative strategy.

Be prepared to handle the three mechanics that Lord Jaraxxus will use throughout the fight:

  1. Fel Fireball – Assign a single melee DPS player or Death Knight tank to interrupt this. If you fail to interrupt it, quickly dispel your main tank.
  2. Legion Flames – If you are targeted with this, stay mobile. You will drop flames on your feet periodically while you have this debuff, so run to the edge of the room, or at least out of the way enough as to not impact anyone else for the remainder of the fight. It is possible to take zero damage from Legion Flames if you do not stop moving.
  3. Incinerate Flesh – The player targeted with Incinerate Flesh will need to be spam healed until the debuff expires. If you fail to do this, that player will explode and cause massive AoE damage to the raid. The afflicted player can use a Healthstone or any healing abilities to help out.


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