Obsidian Sanctum (25) Raid Guide

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Welcome to our strategy guide for the Obsidian Sanctum 25-man raid in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic! Located below the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight, the Obsidian Sanctum is available in Phase 1 of WotLK Classic and the first raid to contain an optional hard mode with additional challenges and rewards.

The hard mode here is activated by leaving Shadron, Tenebron, and Vesperon alive. How many you leave alive changes the rewards but also adds additional levels of difficulty to the fight, with each drake joining the fight at various points in the fight and bringing their own mechanics and abilities to the mix.

These hard modes are often referred to as “1D”, “2D”, and “3D”, representing the number of drakes alive. Killing Sartharion with no drake lieutenants alive, AKA normal mode, drops item level 213 gear, including two fantastic Phase 1 trinkets, Fury of the Five Flights and Illustration of the Dragon Soul.

Each drake left alive adds unique loot to the boss. With 1 drake left alive Sartharion will drop an additional 213 item that he cannot drop on normal mode. With 2 drakes alive, Sartharion will drop an additional item level 226 item and the additional 213 item from 1 drake. With 3 drakes left alive, Sartharion will drop both the additional item level 226 item and 213 item, but he will also award the title “Twilight Vanquisher” and drop the mount Reins of the Twilight Drake.

This guide aims to help you understand how best to prepare yourself and your raid group for the Obsidian Sanctum, by giving you an overview of each encounter, providing an in-depth explanation of each boss, and discussing positioning as well as how you can set yourself up for success. We will also cover the attunement process and how you can reach the entrance.

You can find a full list of gear that can drop from this raid in the Obsidian Sanctum (25-man) Loot section.

Attunement Process

As with most Wrath of the Lich King raids, this raid has no attunement required and is available immediately upon reaching level 80.

Finding the Entrance to the Obsidian Sanctum

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The Wyrmrest Temple

The easiest way to find the Obsidian Sanctum is by taking the flight path directly to the Wyrmrest Temple, located in the middle of Dragonblight. From here you can simply fly down to the basement of the temple and into the portal to the Obsidian Sanctum.

where to find the obsidian sanctum
The Obsidian Sanctum’s Location in Dragonblight

Raid Preparation

The Obsidian Sanctum only has one boss, Sartharion, but the 3 drake lieutenant fights work somewhat like mini-bosses, having their own mechanics and being more complex than an ordinary trash fight.

Trash Mobs


Boss Encounters

sartharion 3 drakes 2


  • Everyone
    • Dodge the Flame Tsunamis coming from the North and South
    • Don’t stand behind or in front of Sartharion if you aren’t the main-tank
  • Tanks
  • Healers
    • The main-tank will be taking the most damage
    • This damage ramps up over the fight, peaking at the end when all drakes are dead
  • DPS




Check out our in-depth breakdown in the Sartharion Strategy Guide!


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