PVP Survival Hunter Guide

PVP Survival Hunter Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Welcome to Warcraft Tavern’s PvP Survival Hunter guide for Wrath of the Lich King! Survival Hunters are a quirky specialization that packs a surprising punch in PvP, being extremely hard to kill while also having high damage output. Their gameplay is unique, and revolves around procs and careful preparation.

In the savage wilderness, among those who dare venture into the unknown darkness on the edges of the map, there are some individuals who thrive better than others. These individuals are known as Survival Hunters, their very mantra being to survive in impossible conditions and adapt to absolutely any type of environment. In order to survive, these skilled men and women use a large variety of traps, gadgets, poison arrows… and even explosives!

Survival Hunters are one of the toughest Hunter Specializations, as they focus on stacking large amounts of stamina. They are often seen using tanky pets that favor crowd control in order to thwart any foe that dares enter their territory.

This guide will teach you how to properly play a Survival Hunter in PvP scenarios, whether on battlegrounds, in arenas, or out in the open world. To navigate to the guide’s various sections, just use the buttons at the top of the guide!

Survival Hunter Strengths & Weaknesses


  • High Survivability & Defensive capabilities
    Survival Hunters are very tanky as a result of stamina stacking. They also have multiple defensive abilities, allowing them to further increase their overall resilience. They can become almost nigh-invulnerable with Deterrence, displace themselves and gain distance with Disengage, and even force their opponents to lose their target while the hunter is playing dead with Feign Death.
  • Powerful Crowd-Control
    Survival Hunters have access to a large array of crowd control abilities. These range from poison arrows that force their enemies to sleep (such as Wyvern Sting), to traps that allow the hunter to freeze the ground or unleash snakes on their enemies (Frost Traps and Snake Traps)! They can also use special abilities that will either daze or disorient their enemies, such as Scatter Shot or Concussive Shot.
  • Hybrid Damage
    Survival Hunters have access to hybrid damage, dealing Physical Damage, Nature Damage, Fire Damage, and Shadow Damage. By dealing hybrid damage, Survival Hunters are harder to counter than other specializations!
  • Element of Surprise
    As Survival Hunters are not often seen in the PvP scene, you will gain the advantage of surprise against many of your opponents, since not many players know how to deal with a specialization that is not often seen.


  • Hard to Master
    Survival Hunters are a “gimmick” type of specialization, as their gameplay relies heavily on their Lock and Load talent. Since they do not actually possess a typical rotation, playing a Survival Hunter can often seem extremely hard. You will require to learn most of your matchups in order to be truly effective since your kit actually has a response to most classes. However, since you do not possess an actual rotation, you will have a harder time mastering the specialization.
  • No Self-Sustain
    While Survival Hunters have access to a large variety of crowd control and utility tools, they lack any form of self-sustain and healing abilities, leaving them vulnerable to long fights!


We hope this guide has been able to help you decide if PvP Survival Hunter is the class / spec for you. Make sure to check out our other sections, such as talents, gear, gems etc., to get more information on how to improve your performance as a Survival Hunter in WotLK!


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1 year ago

Try the hyena for a pet, has tendon rip, similar to a warrior’s hamstring. However it does share the weakness of the crab or ravager, being the ability requires melee range.

2 years ago

Nice !

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