How to do Maximum DPS and Parse High in Ulduar

parsing uld smaller

This guide is a compilation of tips and tricks designed maximize the DPS that you do in Ulduar. Learn the boss strategies & class specific tactics that stands between you and 99 parses!

Whether you’re curious about the degenerate strategies being pulled off by the players at the top of Warcraftlogs, or you’re looking to get into parsing yourself, this guide has everything you need.

Class Experts

This guide was compiled by top players performing at the highest level of PvE parsing. You can find their logs below.

demonology Demonology
icon - death coil Affliction
shadow Shadow
Fireball Fire
arcane Arcane
icons - unholy presence Unholy
frost Frost
feral Feral
balance Balance
survival Survival
retribution aura Retribution
fury Fury
eviscerate Assassination
lightning shield Enhancement


About the Author


World of Warcraft veteran of 18 years. Ex world first raider and rank 1 healer. Slayer of dragons. Lover of cats.
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