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Professions are a crucial part of your World of Warcraft character, potentially offering a large boost to your damage, healing or survivability, while also allowing you to generate some gold.

The following is a more detailed list of all professions in order of benefit to warlock performance and gameplay.

Best Professions

Tailoring provides Embroidery which has a chance to proc Lightweave which provides +295 spell power.
Engineering provides HyperSpeed Accelerators which is an on-use cooldown that provides +340 haste rating. Along with Nitro Boots, Parachute, and plenty of other high utility items

When it comes to all the DPS classes that wish to min-max their stats for end-game content, Engineering becomes almost a necessity along with providing a bunch of quality of life items. This isn’t any different for Affliction Warlocks. Engineering will also provide you with a lot of fun gadgets for both PvE and PvP content so every day you use them you will be more and more in love with this profession

  • Hyperspeed Accelerators provides an on-use +340 haste rating for 12 seconds on a 60-second cooldown. This will increase your damage by a considerable amount.
  • Nitro Boosts helps to escape certain dungeon/raid mechanic or to catch up to the stacking points.
  • Sappers and grenades can help provide a minor boost in AoE DPS (often can be used during the global cooldown induced by life tap).
  • Parachute, mailbox, vendor, and plenty of other quality of life features.

Tailoring is the profession that allows you to create garments for your character from various pieces of cloth found all over the world. It is a very useful profession due to the gear you can create during your leveling journey or high-end content while also making you a steady amount of gold, especially when paired up with Enchanting.

  • Embroidery has a chance to proc +295 spell power for 15 seconds. This is one of the best damage-related bonuses from professions.
  • Leg enchant provides a cheaper leg enchant alternative.
  • Flying Carpet who doesn’t like roleplaying Aladdin.

Useful Professions

The following professions are considered viable but offer a lesser benefit compared to the best professions, so they’re not recommended. If you’re not focused on making your character 100% optimal, you can use any of these professions just fine.

Jewelcrafting is one of the professions which can lend you plenty of gold while also contributing to the min-maxing aspect of the game.

  • A Jewelcrafter can create special gems like the epic red gem which will help you boost your stats more than normal gems. You can use three of these providing you with a total of +48 spell power more compared to the epic gems or +60 spell power when compared to rare quality gems.

One of the most versatile professions you can have in the game, offering an assortment of useful effects from potions and flasks and also a very capable way of loading your bags with shiny gold. If you are going to select Alchemy as your main profession it would be a good idea to pair it up with Herbalism since the cost of the herbs might be too high for you to acquire from the Auction House.

  • Flask increases the bonus from flask by +47 spell power.

Blacksmithing is not one of the most common caster professions. It is mostly being mentioned this high due to the benefit that two extra sockets slots provide compared to the other bonuses from professions, ignoring utilities. 2 extra sockets can gain you up to +46 spell power if you use the epic gems.

This is one of the professions usually taken by casters and paired up with Tailoring. It’s a standard bread-and-butter profession pair-up that can help you empower your character with powerful enchantments to increase your stats or the stats of other players. Having Enchanting on your own gives you access to special enchantments for your rings and the ability to disenchant equipment you find in the world to create high-value materials that you are going to use for said enchantments.

The all-new favorite profession of Wrath of the Lich King. Providing the ability to make inscription scrolls for enchants and the all-new important glyphs.

Aside from Wrist Enchant leatherworking doesn’t provide real benefits to Warlocks.

Mainly used as a gatherer profession, great during your first level process for some quick vendor cash.

Sub-Par Professions

The following professions do not offer any DPS-increasing benefits and are thus not considered viable for Warlocks in PvE.

Does not provide any gameplay or damage benefits. However, it will generate you a good source of income while also generating enough raw materials to level up professions such as Engineering or Jewelcrafting. Most people underestimate the profitability of mining but rest assured that it will make you go a long way. Not only will it provide you with a sustainable source of gold but it will also provide you with a special passive that will enhance your survivability

The profession that allows you to gather herbs around the world, is often best paired up with Alchemy to create a steady and good money flow or it can be taken up just as a gathering profession alongside mining.

  • Lifeblood heals you for 3600 health over 5 seconds on a 3-minute cooldown at max rank.


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