PvP Destruction Warlock Talents & Builds

wotlk pvp destruction warlock talents & builds

When it comes to the talents distribution, we will have one main build which performs well in world PvP, battlegrounds, and arenas – you can think of it as a standard build that comes with a few alterations.

The Destruction Warlock, just like the Affliction Warlock, benefits from the Demonology talent tree with the increased health stone efficiency, increased stamina, and the Demonic Embrace. Most importantly, it comes with the two very quirky talents that will add to your survivability and adaptability through the fight: the Soul Link, which transfers 20% of the damage you receive to your summoned demon instead, and Fel Domination, which is one of your bread-and-butter abilities to adapt to each encounter you are going to face.

Fel Domination allows you to almost instantly summon your demon or change your summoned demon when it’s activated in conjunction with Master Summoner, giving you the proper tools to face any threat.

The Destruction Warlock also benefits from high survivability that comes with Nether Protection, which reduces the damage inflicted by the specific school of magic that triggered the effect, for 8 seconds. When Nether Protection is combined with Molten Skin, it will further reduce the overall damage received.

In order to increase our hit rating, we will have three mandatory points spent on Suppression.

Some of the key abilities that the Destruction Path offers are the following: Conflagrate, which uses up Immolate or Shadowflame to provide a high-burst instant-cast spell that damages and dazes the target; Shadowfury which is an AoE spell that stuns all the targets in the area where it is placed; and the fan-favorite pure chaotic fel spell, Chaos Bolt, which can’t be resisted and pierces through all types of absorption effects.

One of the most important talents that the destruction path has is Backlash, which reduces the cast time of your next Shadow Bolt or Incinerate spell by 100%, so make sure to put full points into this talent.


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1 year ago

Hey, I have a question regarding the hit rating. If I have 3-4% unbuffed hit, does it make sense to put points in Suppression or not?

Thank you for the answer!

Love your guides <3

Reply to  Kani
1 year ago

Hi, yeah I had the same issue because I already had some gear that gave me hit for pve, and had like 4% unbuffed, we tend to aim for 5% so I didn’t went for Supression, instead since I had so much crit I went for Pyroclasm since it’s a full dmg build, but those three points can also be used in the improved sayaad talent for comps relying heavy on the seduction cc.

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