Winter Veil Event Guide

Winter Veil Event Guide Featured Image Greatfather Winter

Winter Veil provides a lot of opportunities for achievements, with most of them being spread out across the event, instead of knocking them all out on the first day. Merrymaker is the meta-achievement of choice this time, one of the criteria for Strange Trip, and only available during the Winter Veil event. Completing these achievements will be a fairly simple task, but you will have to travel around a bit, including to all the enemy capitals!

Winter Veil is available from the 16th of December until the 2nd of January.

This event is primarily focused on being a fun way to pass the time, not on leveling professions, killing bosses, or exploring the world. Most of the rewards are simple bits of fun to play around with, like the Red Rider Air Rifle.


This is the big one this time around, requiring 11 out of the 13 seasonal achievements. Completing this will reward you with the title Merrymaker, and is one of the 8 required achievements for Strange Trip, taking a full year of events and rewarding you with a unique Violet Proto-Drake.


A strange achievement, for this you will need to complete the Daily quest Bomb Them Again! in Ogri’la. Characters that have stuck around since Burning Crusade Classic might already have this reputation checked off their list, but those that don’t will have to start with the quest Speak with the Ogre found in Shattrath, and follow that quest chain up until they can get the quest Bombing Run. Finish that quest to unlock the Daily version.

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Once you’ve got the quest unlocked, this achievement is as simple as turning in the quest on a flying reindeer mount. To transform your mount into a reindeer, use either Fresh Holly or Preserved Holly. Holly is given as a reward from a few of the Winter Veil quests, as well as sometimes given as a reward for using /kiss on a Winter Reveler found in capital cities.

Worth noting is that the achievement requires that you finish this while mounted on a flying reindeer. If you use either Holly on a ground mount, you will not have a flying reindeer and will not finish the quest. You also don’t need to use a flying reindeer to actually finish the quest objective, only to turn it in.

Simply Abominable

This achievement requires players to complete a simple quest chain, starting with Stolen Winter Veil Treats, given by Kaymard Copperpinch for Horde and Macey Jinglepocket for Alliance. This quest will send you to the Alterac Mountains, to speak to a Strange Snowman. The Snowman will then give you the quest You’re A Mean One, asking you to kill the Greench and retrieve the Stolen Treats. The Greench is a unique Elite yeti found right around the Snowman. Unfortunately, you will likely need to compete for tags on this feller, so I recommend grouping up with anyone you find.

wowscrnshot 120122 165941

Once you’ve got your Stolen Treats, go back to Orgrimmar or Ironforge to receive the next part, Thank you! This last part has you speak to Grandfather Winter to receive a present. Open your Special Gift to save the holidays, and more importantly, to finish your achievement!

With a little helper

The traditional “Earn X Honorable Kills While Y” achievement that Events love to give us, this time you will need to earn 50 Honorable Kills while transformed into one of Great-Father Winter’s little helpers. To transform into one of these helpers you simply need to take a step into the PX-238 Winter Wondervolt Machines found in and around capital cities, including Dalaran.

wowscrnshot 120122 152840

This will temporarily turn you into a merry Gnome, complete with a winter outfit. This form is a lot more lenient than many other transforms, allowing you to mount, fight, and give your friends gifts all without breaking the illusion.

Unfortunately, dying will remove this transformation, which makes getting 50 Honorable Kills a little more difficult. I recommend getting this in Wintergrasp. Queue up whenever it’s available and do what you can to hop into a Siege vehicle as early as possible. This will allow you to contribute to the battleground while also giving you a nice layer between you and the terrifying outside that wants to take away your new drip.

The Winter Veil Gourmet

For this one you’ll need to cook 3 Holiday dishes, using Cooking Cooking. Unlike most other events, you will actually need to have leveled your cooking for this one. The recipes for these 3 dishes, Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog, and Hot Apple Cider, can be bought from the Smokywood Pastures vendors found in Orgrimmar and Ironforge.

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The first recipe, Gingerbread Cookie, learnable at level 1 Cooking Cooking, requires 1 Small Egg and 1 Holiday Spices. The Holiday Spices are sold by the same Goblins that sold you the recipe, but the egg is a different story. Small Eggs are dropped by almost every type of bird found in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. They aren’t very rare, but every year these spike in price massively on the Auction House. If they cost more than you are willing to pay, I recommend just finding some birds, they’re everywhere.

Egg Nog is learnable at 35 Cooking Cooking, and requires 1 Small Egg, 1 Holiday Spices, 1 Holiday Spirits, and 1 Ice Cold Milk. Just like the Holiday Spices, Holiday Spirits can be bought from the same Goblin that sold you the recipe. Ice Cold Milk can be bought from almost any Innkeeper that sells low level Water, or if you really want to be a villain, you can kill the Defias members in Westfall and steal their milk.

Hot Apple Cider is learnable at 325 Cooking Cooking and requires 1 Holiday Spices, 1 Holiday Spirits, and 1 Sparkling Apple Cider. The first two can be bought from the same Goblin that sold you the recipe, but the Sparkling Apple Cider is a little more tricky. This can be bought from the Goblin next to the Goblin that sold you the recipe.

All in all you will need 325 Cooking, 3 Holiday Spices, 2 Holiday Spirits, 2 Small Eggs, 1 Ice Cold Milk, and a partridge in a pear tree 1 Sparkling Apple Cider.

Let It Snow

For this, you will need to throw a Handful of Snowflakes at 10 different class/race combinations. The snowflakes can be obtained by /kissing a Winter Reveler standing under mistletoe in capital city inns. You can only do this once an hour, and snowflakes aren’t guaranteed, so you’re just going to have to keep trying until you have at least 10.

wowscrnshot 120122 153937

The class/race combinations are all fairly common combinations. For example, icon - undead maleUndead Rogues and icon - human maleHuman Warriors are more common than awkward comments at family dinners. Unfortunately, the vast majority of servers are single faction by now. If your server is single faction, your best bet may be doing Battlegrounds as they are cross-server. You could also arrange with a friend to make these class/race combinations and help each other out, but that is not a very fun option.

Holiday Bromance

For this, you will need to use Mistletoe on a handful of NPCs around the world. Mistletoe can be obtained by /kissing a Winter Reveler standing under mistletoe in capital city inns. You can only do this once an hour, and mistletoe isn’t guaranteed, so you’re just going to have to keep trying until you have enough.

The NPC targets for this are different depending on your faction. The Horde version Bromance has 3 targets. Brother Malach in the Undercity, Brother Keltan in Icecrown, and Durkot Wolfbrother in Borean Tundra. The Alliance version is a completely different story.

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Bromance for Alliance has a whopping 9 targets. Luckily, most of these are close together and require minimal traveling. Brother Crowley, Cassius, Benjamin, Kristoff, and Joshua can all be found in Stormwind. Nimetz can be found in Stranglethorn Vale, Wilhelm can be found in Goldshire, Anton can be found in Desolace, and Karman can be found in Theramore. I recommend doing Stormwind > Goldshire > Stranglethorn Vale > Theramore > Desolace if you are looking to get it done as fast as possible.

Tis The Season

Everyone needs a holiday outfit, and while we can’t get an ugly sweater, we can get at least get the hat. This achievement requires you to wear three pieces of the Winter Garb set and treat yourself to some of Fruitcake.

Fruitcake can be obtained from the Extra Special Gift, mailed to players for completing the quest Metzen the Reindeer. The outfit will require player interaction I’m afraid.

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The first piece is Winter Boots. These are crafted by Leatherworkers with at least 285 skill. The recipe can be bought from the Smokywood Pastures Goblins in Orgrimmar and Ironforge and requires 1 Copper Bar, 1 Bolt of Wool Cloth, 4 Rugged Leather, and 1 Rune Thread to make. These tend to be pretty pricey for the first days of the event and go down rapidly in price over the coming days.

Next you’ll need a cozy onesie. These come in two flavors, Green or Red. Both are made by Tailors with at least 250 skill, requiring 4 Bolts of Runecloth, 1 Bolt of Wool Cloth, 1 Rune Thread and either 2 Red Dye or 2 Green Dye depending on your choice of color. The recipes can be bought from the Smokywood Pastures Goblins in Orgrimmar and Ironforge, but the Orgrimmar Goblins only sell the green recipe and the Ironforge Goblins only sell the red recipe. These Goblins are friendly to either faction though, so someone willing to put life and limb on the line for a daring heist can sneak into the opposite capital in the dead of night and get their choice of recipe. You could also just walk in, probably.

The final item is a hat. Again coming in either Green or Red. These are not crafted and are instead dropped by most dungeon bosses in the world. Simply do some dungeons and eventually, you’ll get your hands on one.

On Metzen

Someone has kidnapped Metzen the Reindeer and is holding him for ransom! To earn this achievement you will need to finish the quest Metzen the Reindeer by thwarting his kidnappers and sprinkling him with Reindeer Dust. Don’t question what Greatfather Winter makes the reindeer dust from.

This quest is given to you by the Smokywood Pastures Goblins in Orgrimmar and Ironforge and wants you to decipher notes to find where he is being held. Now that you have thoroughly looked through these notes, you obviously know that you can find Metzen in either Searing Gorge or Tanaris.

In Searing Gorge you will find Metzen a few hundred yards east of Thorium Point. He will be in the middle of a camp, surrounded by Dark Iron Kidnappers. Slay these scoundrels and rescue Metzen using the Reindeer Dust provided.

wowscrnshot 120122 181117

In Tanaris you will find Metzen to the far east, in the stables of the Southsea Pirate camp. Make quick work of these scallywags and rescue Metzen using the Reindeer Dust provided.

wowscrnshot 120122 181239

Return to Ironforge or Orgrimmar to turn in the quest and receive your achievement. A while later you will also get a package in the mail, helping you finish another achievement.


wowscrnshot 120122 193040

This is easy enough. Throw a Snowball at Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge if you are Alliance, or Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunderbluff if you are Horde. Snowballs can be purchased from the Smokywood Pastures Goblins found in Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

A Frosty Shake

wowscrnshot 120122 155723

To get this you will need to use a Winter Veil Disguise Kit together with a Snowball to become a snowman, then use /dance together with another player doing the same thing. This has to be done in Dalaran, which simplifies things, and you will likely see a few dancing snowmen scattered around the city that you can dance with.

The Snowballs can be purchased from the Smokywood Pastures Goblins in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. The Winter Veil Disguise Kit will be mailed to you 24 hours after you complete the quest chain for Simply Abominable.

He Knows You’ve Been Naughty

Starting on Christmas Day, the 25th of December, you will be able to collect a daily gift under the trees in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Simply open your first one for this achievement.

Crashin & Thrashin

In the gifts found under the tree, you might find a Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer. Use this item to pilot your very own racer. Using the vehicle ability will make your racer charge forward and crash into anything in its way. Simply crash into 25 things total for this achievement. You don’t need to do this all in one go, but you do need to do it during the duration of the event.

This achievement is not a part of the Merrymaker meta-achievement and is not necessary for Strange Trip.

BB King

wowscrnshot 120122 155433

For this you will have to shoot all of the opposing factions leaders with your Red Rider Air Rifle. You can find this rifle in a package under the tree after the 25th of December. The rifle has a max range of 25 yards and can miss as well as backfire, so you may need a few shots to succeed. Play carefully! You don’t want to take your eye out.

This achievement is not a part of the Merrymaker meta-achievement and is not necessary for Strange Trip.

And that’s all we have for this event, see you next year!


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