pve frost mage tbc stat priority
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: June 10, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic
  1. Spell Hit Rating (With Elemental Precision, your target is 164 Spell Hit Rating)
  2. Spell Haste Rating
  3. Spell Damage
  4. Spell Critical Strike Rating
  5. Intellect

Spell Hit Rating – For every 12.62 Spell Hit Rating, we gain 1% Spell Hit Chance. The reason why this is our top priority is that any missed spells mean less damage for us, and if we’re responsible for kiting certain mobs and we miss a Frostbolt or Polymorph, it could spell disaster for us

Spell Haste Rating – While not too common on items in Phase 1, there are still some items that provide Haste Rating placed in your Pre-Raid/BiS gearsets. Haste decreases our casting time (it increases our casting speed) which means we get to cast more spells, quicker. It also decreases our global cooldown on spells

Spell Damage – The more spell damage we have, the more damage our spells cause

Spell Critical Strike Rating – A critical strike causes 150% damage. Having more critical strike chance means we’ll be prone to more critical strikes, increasing our damage

Intellect – Intellect provides the mana we require to cast our spells. The more mana we have, the more spells we can cast before going out of mana (oom)


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